How can fixed braces correct crooked teeth?

Fixed braces work to fix crooked teeth by having a metal bracket glued to each tooth and a wire threaded through them. The wire is connected to brackets on the molars and tightened to force the teeth into a different position. For crooked teeth, a bracket is placed into the tooth and surrounding teeth, forcing a wider space to open for the crooked tooth to move into. One of the main issues with crooked teeth is that they may not have enough room to grow in their natural way, so space must be made by moving other teeth. Once there is enough room, the wires and brackets will be adjusted regularly to align the crooked tooth (or teeth).

Metal braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces are all examples of fixed braces that can correct crooked teeth. Metal braces are the traditional form of braces and are typically the cheapest. Ceramic braces are similar in design but incorporate a ceramic material, that is similar to the colour of the tooth, to create a more discreet appearance. Lingual braces are placed on the back of the teeth, instead of the front, so they can't be seen from the outside of the mouth. Each of these methods is popular for different reasons but, unfortunately, each comes with a certain level of discomfort. Some patients find lingual braces the most painful, due to them being in regular contact with the tongue.

Whilst fixed braces are ideal for fixing crooked teeth, there are other more comfortable and more discreet options available. Invisalign is a popular option, as are the Clear X Aligners that we offer here at Dental Excellence. Both of these treatment options deliver the same results, in terms of aligning crooked teeth, however, they're far more comfortable due to the lack of metal brackets and wires. They can also offer faster results, especially in the case of the Clear X Aligners as they use 4D technology to reshape the retainer, helping speed up the process.

What causes crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth are quite common but the severities vary. For some, they are simply born with it and once their baby teeth have made way, the crookedness of the adult teeth persisted. For others, adopting bad habits when young, such as sucking on their thumb, can cause the teeth to become crooked over time. When we're children, our teeth are highly susceptible to outside influence which is why it's important not to let your youngsters use a dummy or suck on their thumb for too long as it can cause malocclusion. These issues then need to be corrected later in life, or ideally as soon as possible to prevent other dental issues from developing.

If crooked teeth are treated when young, the results are often better and can be achieved much quicker. Once fixed braces have been removed, the retainer will only have to be worn for a set amount of time as the teeth will become used to their new position and not attempt to move back. Whereas with adults, once they have their braces removed, they must wear a retainer regularly as their teeth will attempt to move back to the position that they have been in for many years. This is why it's important to act as soon as you can and benefit from receiving treatment whilst you're young.

Fortunately, thanks to modern advancements in dental technology, fixing crooked teeth is easier than ever and there are more options for patients to choose from. At Dental Excellence, we offer a range of treatments, from same-day smile makeovers to Clear X Aligners, which can correct crooked teeth. During our same-day smile treatment, we can use composite materials to fill in gaps between your teeth and make them appear straighter. The Clear X Aligners treatment is longer-term and will gradually reshape your teeth using 4D technology.

What causes overcrowded teeth?

Overcrowded teeth are commonly a result of hereditary factors and can cause teeth to grow unnaturally, even leading to more serious oral health issues later in life. Issues with the jawbone can also cause overcrowding. For example, if the jawbones are too close together it can cause the teeth to grow in different directions to accommodate for the lack of space. This can result in overbites and misalignments between the top and bottom row of teeth.

Sometimes teeth can grow unnaturally, even if the jaw bone is in the correct position. Very often, this is due to the time in which they penetrate the gums. If some teeth grow quickly and others grow slower, the teeth which have breached the surface of the gum first can occupy the space in which the other teeth were meant to grow into. This can cause the other teeth to grow crooked as a result of overcrowding. Although it can be difficult to prevent the overcrowding of teeth from a young age, there are treatments we offer that can help you achieve a perfect smile.

At Dental Excellence, we use our expertise and state of the art facility, which is equipped with some incredible technology to provide life-changing treatments, to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. Fixed braces are an option to fix overcrowded teeth but there are other, more discreet options available. One of which is a treatment similar to Invisalign, called Clear X Aligners. This treatment uses a clear retainer to reshape your teeth over time, reducing overcrowding and aligning your smile.

What are the benefits of fixed braces?

There are plenty of benefits of fixed braces, which is why younger people in need of dental correction opt for these. Metal braces, the most common type of fixed brace, are the cheapest for dental correction. They consist of brackets that are glued to the teeth and wires which connect them. They then move the teeth into more natural positions. This method is extremely effective and can turn even the most crooked teeth straight to achieve the ideal smile.

Other forms of fixed braces such as ceramic braces and lingual braces offer their own benefits but also their own drawbacks. For example, ceramic braces, which are similar to metal braces, can achieve the same results but will cost a little more due to the materials that are used. Ceramic braces achieve the same results as metal braces but they use a porcelain material that replicates the colour of the tooth making them a little more discreet. 

Lingual braces are also a popular choice for fixed braces as their main benefit is they're hidden behind the teeth. For adults who want to be able to smile without having braces covering up their teeth, lingual braces would be the best of the fixed brace options. The main drawback of these, however, is the higher level of discomfort which the wearer will face due to the metal of the brackets being in regular contact with the tongue. Fortunately, there are more comfortable options available with the same levels of effectiveness. Explore the services we offer here at Dental Excellence to learn more about how we can help you.

How long will I have to wear fixed braces?

The answer to this question will be different to each patient. There is no set amount of time in which fixed braces can work. For some, it may be a long time, potentially up to 3 years and for others, it may be much shorter. However, in general, it usually takes at least one year. Results can vary between patients as the severity of their dental issues will be different. Some people's mouths are also more susceptible to change than others - a factor that is usually related to age.

The fixed brace treatment requires the wires which connect each bracket to be tightened periodically which then forces the teeth to move. This can be a long process, especially if the tooth has a long way to move, meaning the treatment time may need to be extended as a result. It's recommended that you get fixed braces as young as possible because your mouth will accept the positioning change much quicker than it would if you were middle-aged or older.

If you're looking for a dental procedure with a much quicker treatment time, we can help. Our same-day smile makeover consists of a single-day procedure that can correct your smile using composite or porcelain materials. Using composite bonding, we can improve the shape of your teeth and improve the colour of them using veneers. We can also do this through porcelain veneers which will last even longer, limiting your trips to the dentist.

How do I clean fixed braces?

Fixed braces can be very tricky to clean as they occupy a large portion of the mouth, particularly where you would normally brush with a toothbrush. It can be done, but the cleaning must be more thorough to get to those hard to reach areas and prevent any lasting damage. It's also important that you remove any food which gets caught in them too as the space between the bracket and the wire can easily catch food bits.

Brushing your braces just as you would your teeth is essential. Beyond that, though, you will need to be a bit more thorough with your toothbrush. Using it to brush around each bracket, and getting the bristles in between the wires, is crucial. Using a special rubber flossing device, similar to a toothpick, will help you get in between the gaps in your braces. Be careful not to neglect your gums either as it's important these get brushed too. Using your toothbrush in circular motions around the brackets and moving down to the gums is a good way to ensure you're still brushing your teeth correctly.

It's extremely important to make sure you brush your braces and teeth regularly as it can be very easy for plaque to build up. Due to there being a larger surface area, it's easier for bacteria to build up and live on your teeth. The bacteria can also use the braces as a barrier, spending more time in contact with your tooth's surface before it's removed. This can result in lasting damage once the braces are taken off.

What are the alternatives to fixed braces?

Fixed braces are the most common form of braces as they're offered by orthodontists, sometimes, free of charge. For young people who need correction, they may be able to get braces free of charge but for others, this may not be the case. Some adults have made it through most of their life with dental issues which they've never had fixed and don't want fixed braces at this stage in their life. The options may seem relatively limited, especially if you're someone who has healthy teeth and wouldn't want any veneer treatments. Luckily though, we do have options available which we can provide here at Dental Excellence.

Invisalign and Clear X Aligners are both popular alternatives to fixed braces and are both very similar. With these treatments, you can wear them without them being noticed by others due to the transparent trays. They can also be taken out whenever you wish to enjoy eating or drinking normally. This is quite the contrast to fixed braces which can't be removed and will hide your smile for up to 3 years in the most extensive cases. The discreet appearance and high effectiveness of Invisalign and Clear X Aligners have led to them becoming the most popular alternatives to fixed braces.

There are other options that are a great choice if your teeth are damaged or discoloured, as well as misaligned. Opting for a composite bonding treatment would allow us to repair the shape of your teeth and whiten them through the use of composite materials. This can be done as a separate procedure to veneers if you're not looking to cover your entire tooth. If you would like a veneer treatment that can make your teeth appear whiter and healthier, we offer composite veneers and porcelain veneers as a treatment option.

Can I get fixed braces if I’m an adult?

There is no age limit on fixed braces as the process will always stay the same no matter the age of the patient. The only thing which will change, however, is the effectiveness of the treatment as it generally takes longer for braces to work the older you get. One other thing to consider is the impact fixed braces will have on your appearance. It's likely that the majority of adults who need dental correction wouldn't like to have their smile covered up and would avoid it if possible. We understand this as much as anyone, which is why we offer alternatives to fixed braces that can still achieve the same incredible results.

As an adult, incorporating the additional checkups, discomfort, and need for extra upkeep that comes with fixed braces can be difficult. With alternatives such as Invisalign, Clear X Aligners, or another treatment that we offer, you could get a long-lasting alternative that saves you the hassle. If you're not sure about which would be the best option for you, you can book a consultation appointment with us and we'll talk you through how each treatment we offer can benefit you. Our personal approach means that we'll be with you every step of the way to answer any questions or queries you have about the treatment.

Can crooked teeth harm my health if it's not treated?

Crooked teeth can cause a lot of difficulties where it's a direct impact on your ability to eat or whether it affects your confidence and self-esteem. Having crooked teeth can also cause a knock-on effect which can lead to issues. These issues range from excessive tooth wear, grinding, which can cause headaches, and even gum disease as a result of not being able to brush properly. All of these are issues that will get worse the longer they are left untreated. By fixing crooked teeth you'll be able to enjoy a better smile and take comfort in knowing you'll be able to care for your oral hygiene far better.

Being able to floss and brush in between your teeth to reach all surfaces is key to ensuring your teeth remain healthy in the long term. If you don't care for your teeth properly, it can lead to decay, cavities, discolouration, and even tooth loss. Visiting your dentist regularly to ensure you're brushing your teeth properly and reaching those hidden areas is important, especially if you have issues with crooked or overcrowded teeth. If you're looking to treat your crooked teeth, we can provide the solution in the form of our Clear X Aligners treatment which is designed to align your teeth whilst remaining as discreet as possible when worn.

Are crooked teeth and overcrowded teeth serious issues?

Having extra teeth in your mouth which have caused overcrowding or crookedness doesn't necessarily mean it's a serious issue. However, this does depend on each case. Some will have minimal crookedness which doesn't affect the way they eat, brush or close their mouth, while others may have all of these things affected. At a young age, this may not seem like a problem but as larger adult teeth begin to come through they can cause excessive pressure on teeth surrounding them. All this can lead to even more issues. This pressure can cause a lot of pain unless they're given more space to grow or could even lead to misaligned teeth as it forces them to grow unnaturally.

The need for straight teeth goes beyond looks and aesthetics, as it actually has an impact on your overall oral health. Minor tooth gaps, misshapen teeth, and stained teeth can all contribute to poor oral health and, unless corrected, could lead to much more serious issues in the future. The seriousness of these issues can really depend on how severe the problems become. 

For example, if you have difficulty reaching certain teeth due to crookedness, the bacteria which hasn't been removed will grow and begin to cause decay. This decay can then develop into a large cavity and begin to affect the gum. At this point, gum disease can develop extremely quickly and worsen if not treated. Having severe gum disease opens up the possibility for much more serious issues to develop from here. One of which being diabetes that is typically more common in people with these issues as controlling blood sugar levels becomes more challenging.

At Dental Excellence, we understand the seriousness of poor oral health and always do our best to offer both effective treatment and smart guidance to maintain good oral health. The treatments we offer which can fix crooked teeth will help you avoid any serious long-term health issues.

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