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There are many ways these stunning results can be achieved and depending on what your dental issues are, composite bonding may be the perfect choice for you. There are options, such as braces, which can fix your smile but they take much longer. However, with a composite bonding treatment, you can achieve results in a much shorter time. There are also other benefits to a composite bonding treatment that you won't be able to receive from other treatments.

There are many reasons you may want a composite bonding treatment as it is an effective method of correcting your smile. However, there may be some issues that are too severe to treat with this procedure. All of this can be discussed in the first meeting we have with you to discuss the best options to fix your smile. The consultation appointment will take place in our luxury facility, based in Liverpool, which allows us to accommodate clients from all over the country, including the surrounding areas of Manchester, Chester and Blackburn.

Composite bonding & the benefits explained

Composite bonding is a process that consists of a composite material that is applied over the top of the natural tooth. No part of the tooth has to be removed in order to apply the bonding material, making it perfect for those customers who want to fully retain their natural tooth. The process of this dental bonding practice is pain-free too, as the composite material is simply being applied over the top of the tooth. The composite material which is used is tooth-coloured to ensure there is no difference in colour once the treatment is applied. Prior to the material being applied to your tooth, we'll carefully match the colour of your tooth to the colour of the material that we'll use.

Depending on your requirements, we'll be able to use the material in different quantities to achieve the desired results. For example, we're able to use small amounts of the material to correct the shape of teeth or whiten areas of discolouration on the tooth. We're also able to use the material to apply composite veneers to your teeth, which covers the entire tooth making your smile appear brighter and whiter. The nature of this treatment is completely up to you and will be discussed with you in your consultation appointment.

The veneers can fill in chipped teeth, making them appear brand new. This is a great option if you have teeth that are predominantly healthy but just have a few minor imperfections. This process is similar to porcelain veneers however there are a few key differences. Porcelain veneers require your teeth to have a layer of enamel removed from them, in order to apply the porcelain material. This is different to composite bonding as the material can be applied on top of the tooth.

It is very rare that someone is born with perfect teeth and if you are living with imperfections on your teeth that you would like fixed, it is never too late. Even issues as small as rough edges of teeth or uneven edges can be filled in with the composite material. Other more serious issues such as cracks in the teeth can also be improved by composite bonding treatment.

The process also means that it can be completed extremely quickly, as part of our same-day smile makeover. This treatment requires you to have a consultation appointment to outline the procedure and then you can receive the treatment in a single session, meaning you can turn up and leave our facility the same day with the treatment complete. You can completely relax throughout the treatment too as it is entirely pain-free. Whilst you're in the chair you'll be able to listen to music or watch a film.

One of the key benefits of composite bonding treatment is that you're able to achieve incredible results in such a short space of time, whilst also retaining the entire natural tooth. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, your options for correction will include braces, either metal or cosmetic options (such as Clear X Aligners, which we offer at Dental Excellence). However, opting for braces will mean that you will have to wear them for several months, with it taking up to a couple of years to achieve desired results, in some cases. 

You'll also have to deal with the restrictions of wearing braces. With braces, brushing your teeth can be quite tricky and it can be easy for pieces of food to get trapped in them. This means that you'll have to be extra cautious about what you eat and drink, as any sugar which is left on your teeth for a prolonged amount of time can cause damage, especially when you're wearing braces. Plaque that has been left on the teeth for too long can cause a ring of discolouration to form around the bracket which has been fixed to the tooth. However, with a composite bonding treatment, you can achieve straighter looking teeth in a much shorter time and enjoy greater freedom.

There are of course steps you will have to take to look after the composite material which has been applied to your teeth, as it can be discoloured. Just like your natural teeth, food and drink with a strong colour, such as coffee and red wine, can stain your teeth over time. Cigarettes can also severely damage your teeth too, especially the composite material.

Composite bonding treatments typically last around 5 to 7 years, meaning for the price you'll pay, it's a great investment into achieving the perfect smile. Porcelain veneers last around 3 times as long as composite veneers, meaning they are much more of a commitment. Once the composite treatment begins to wear, you can receive a touch-up appointment which can fully restore the composite treatment, maintaining your healthy smile.

Our same-day treatment is a fantastic option for a beautiful smile makeover, as not only can you achieve straighter-looking teeth, we can use the material to whiten them too. This can make it appear as though you have a wider smile and healthy teeth. Damaged teeth and discolouration can be hidden beneath the composite material, completely transforming your smile.

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Why would I choose a composite bonding treatment?

There are many reasons a patient would choose a composite bonding treatment over other dental options. One of those reasons would be if you have healthy teeth but also have a slight misalignment, misshapen teeth, or crooked teeth that are also in need of whitening. We can use the composite material to make your teeth appear straighter and whiten the teeth too. If you were to opt for braces, you would still need a teeth whitening procedure once your teeth had been straightened.

Whilst braces are still an excellent option, they aren't able to change the shape of the individual teeth. However, using the tooth-coloured composite resin, we're able to alter the shape of teeth, filling in gaps and making damaged teeth appear whole. Even teeth that have suffered permanent damage can be fixed using the material, making them appear healthier. 

The speed of the treatment and the fact that it is a non-invasive treatment is a huge bonus for a lot of clients. The quick procedure and streamlined process will require you to make minimal visits to our facility and you'll be able to achieve stunning results in a single day. For those with busy lives, spending time attending appointments and attempting to integrate a treatment such as braces into their daily lives can be extremely stressful.

It is also likely that if you have misaligned teeth, that you won't want to wait a long period of time to have the issue corrected. As the treatment can be applied in a single day, you can enjoy the results in a matter of hours, compared to the several months it may take for other treatments. It also takes minimal time out of your busy schedule and ensures you can get that much-needed confidence boost as a result of having a stunning smile, much quicker.

Composite dental bonding is also a reversible procedure, meaning that you can decide to have the composite resin material removed at any time. This is different to porcelain veneers, however, as the tooth is permanently changed to have the porcelain material fitted. Whilst the composite material won't last forever, it's still a great cost-effective choice for treatment, without the life-long commitment.

If you have discoloured teeth but they are predominantly healthy, you may want to retain your natural teeth and simply have the treatment to achieve better-looking teeth. Stained teeth can damage your confidence and make the act of smiling scary for some. By having coloured resin material cover up these stains on your teeth, you can enjoy smiling, knowing your teeth are looking their best.

Caring for your teeth post-treatment

One of the most important parts of receiving a composite bonding treatment is how you care for your teeth post-treatment. Certain actions of negligence towards your teeth could lead to lasting damage or your treatment being ineffective. However, to help you through this stage of the process, our expert team has some advice on how to properly look after your teeth once the treatment is complete.

The first 48 hours after your treatment is crucial and it's extremely important to ensure that you don't consume any foods or liquid which could stain the composite material. This can include hot liquids too such as tea and coffee. The same colours of food and drink that can damage your natural teeth can damage your composite material, including smoking, which can be detrimental to your overall dental hygiene, not just your teeth

Maintaining clean teeth and ensuring you prevent plaque build-up over time will also help protect your composite treatment. By maintaining a high level of dental health, you'll be able to sustain the composite for longer and reduce the chances of having to have a touch up due to wear and tear. If you are unable to do this, you risk the chance that your composite treatment will become damaged due to excessive plaque. Not only can this damage the treatment which has been applied to your teeth, but it can also cause more serious issues that may lead to you needing more extensive dental work if damage is caused.

You should also avoid biting and chewing on objects which could potentially chip the composite material. The bonding material isn't as strong as your natural tooth so excessive force or pressure on delicate areas could cause the treatment to chip. This would mean you'll have to revisit our facility to have the chip filled in. Of course, accidents do happen and sometimes can't be prevented, so you can take comfort in knowing that we can fix any damage which has been caused.

If you regularly partake in contact sports, it's extremely important to ensure you wear protection for your mouth whilst active. Due to the composite material being weaker than your tooth, it can be extremely easy for the veneers to become chipped if you suffer impact as a result of the sport. To prevent this, you should wear a gum shield to ensure your teeth are sufficiently protected whilst the risk of impact is high.

Assuming that you're able to closely follow this advice, you'll be able to get the full life span out of your treatment and enjoy the stunning results for the longest period of time. If your treatment is beginning to fade from coming to the end of its natural life span, you'll be able to have the treatment reapplied and ensure that your teeth remain looking straight, white and healthy. 

Composite vs porcelain treatment

As we offer both composite veneers and porcelain veneers, you may wonder exactly what the difference is and what each treatment entails. There are benefits to both aspects of the treatments which may not appeal to you. If you're unsure which to choose and which treatment you think will suit you, we'll discuss the process with you in a consultation appointment before your journey with us begins.

The main difference between the two veneers is the material and how it's applied. With the composite bonding material, it can be applied in small amounts (to fill in gaps between teeth or chips) or over the whole tooth, which is known as a veneer. The porcelain material, however, can't be applied in small amounts and can only be used as a veneer. To fit the porcelain veneers, a layer of the tooth's enamel must be removed to make space for it. This means the teeth have to be filed down and will result in a permanent change to your teeth.

The porcelain veneers are also much longer-lasting than composite veneers, with the treatment typically lasting around 15 years. This is much more of a commitment than composite veneers but due to them lasting around 3 times longer, it's a great cost-effective option. The porcelain material is also more resilient than composite material as it is unable to be stained. This means you don't have to worry about dark liquids, as you would with composite veneers, or even your normal teeth. Of course, you still need to look after porcelain veneers and ensure you keep them clean.

Composite veneers can be discoloured in the same way your natural teeth can but they don't require the same level of commitment that porcelain veneers do, making them a popular option for younger customers. The treatment can also be reapplied, meaning that you don't have to worry about it not lasting long enough for you to enjoy the amazing benefits.

Porcelain veneers will cost more per tooth than composite veneers but due to the length of time that they last, the cost is undeniably worth it. The resistance of the porcelain materials ensures that you will benefit from stunning white teeth for a much longer time and will require fewer visits to the dentist as a result. 

The speed of the composite veneer treatment is also much quicker than that of the porcelain veneers, as the composite veneers are sculpted on your teeth rather than in a lab. This also makes them easier to fix and replace should any chips or other damage occur. More of the material is simply applied to your teeth in the damaged areas and your teeth will look as good as they did before, without you having to sit through lengthy procedures.

Composite bonding treatment at Dental Excellence

Planning your journey with Dental Excellence is an extremely personal process as we tailor every treatment to you. To begin planning your treatment, you'll be invited to our luxury facility which is located in Liverpool. We've furnished the facility with high-end Italian furniture and ensured the lighting is warm and welcoming, resembling a hotel more than a dental practice. Traditional dental practices can be cold and unwelcoming, which is why we wanted to create a facility that is the complete opposite.

Our friendly and personable staff will ensure you're comfortable throughout the process too and will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our aim is to quash any worries or fears you have about receiving dental treatment and make you feel comfortable throughout.

The composite bonding treatment process will begin with an initial appointment to outline your expectations and what the treatment entails. The planning will be done prior to the treatment day so you're able to turn up and have the treatment applied the same day. This will allow you to begin benefitting from the results immediately, without having to attend multiple appointments. Before you leave our facility you'll be given advice on how to best look after your teeth and ensure that the treatment doesn't become damaged.

To get started with your journey to perfect teeth, book a consultation appointment with us through our website or email us directly using the contact form on our website. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and help you with your dental plan.


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At Dental Excellence UK, we have created smile makeover packages for our most popular treatments to make it easier for our patients to see the options available.


Align, Bleach, Bond

We will improve the alignment of your natural teeth, whiten with a bespoke kit, and repair any tooth wear with composite edge bonding to your front teeth.


Align Bleach Bond

Align, Bleach and Bonding involves use of either almost-invisible removable aligners, or very subtle tooth coloured fixed braces to move your teeth into a more attractive, natural position, usually over a period of only 6-9 months.


Mini Smile Makeover

Dental Excellence can offer you a smile makeover within 2 – 3 visits using composite bonding.


Same Day Smile Makeover

Utilising the latest technology, Dental Excellence can provide a walk in, walk out smile makeover in one day.


The Digital Smile Makeover

Dental Excellence can offer you a smile makeover within 2 – 3 visits using composite bonding.


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We understand that for busy professionals, speed is of the essence.


The place is absolutely stunning, and their dental work is first class, but it's really the people who make it what it is. From the girl who greets you to the dentists that treat you, everyone is just lovely. Would recommend them to anyone, especially if you're nervous! Thanks Robbie & team for making the dentist a pleasure not a pain :) x.

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