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Digital Smile Makeover

The Digital Smile Makeover is our flagship treatment. It is the Rolls Royce of Smile Design.

We use 100% digital workflow to ensure precision, predictability and beauty. With our onsite laboratory and our VIP concierge service, we can deliver this treatment within a week.




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Perfect Your Smile
With Clear X Aligners

Living with crooked or misaligned teeth can be difficult, not just when it comes to brushing and caring for your teeth but it can be damaging to your confidence too. A smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet another person, so having a dental issue that affects your smile can make simple social interactions more stressful. Another aspect of braces that can often put people off receiving the treatment, is their appearance and the fear that it will be damaging to their appearance. However, cosmetic braces have been designed to eradicate that fear of it altering your appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of Cosmetic Braces?

There are multiple benefits to cosmetic braces and many reasons why adults, who have suffered from dental issues for a long time, choose this as a treatment option. There are many available, several of which we offer at Dental Excellence, but with cosmetic braces, you are able to retain one hundred percent of your natural tooth whilst having them straightened. The process may be a little longer than others but we can assure you, the results are completely worth it.

One of the main benefits of cosmetic braces is the appearance of them and how options such as Clear X Aligners can be completely invisible. These are offered as an alternative to metal braces, which consist of a metal brace being fitted to each tooth and a metal wire which connects each bracket. Whilst these are still a great option for correcting your teeth, Clear X Aligners offer a treatment that appears completely invisible when worn. 

Why Choose Clear X Aligners?

Clear X Aligners are perfect for those who are worried about the effects metal braces would have on their appearance. Clear X Aligners use a clear tray, similar to Invisalign, which means you can still see the teeth and their smile isn't hidden behind any metal. For those who work as either a model, in customer service or another profession that requires a lot of social interaction, Clear X Aligners are a perfect choice. 

We also understand that receiving dental treatment can be a big commitment, especially when it's braces, which take several months to complete the treatment. Integrating a dental treatment into your daily schedule can seem like a difficult prospect but with cosmetic braces such as Clear X Aligners, the integration can be seamless. The smooth plastic tray, which is used to reshape the teeth, is much more comfortable than metal braces as there are no brackets or wires which can rub against the gum. The tray will be moulded to your teeth, so it will fit in and feel much more comfortable than non-cosmetic options. Of course, there will be some discomfort once your tray has been reshaped and begins to move your teeth.

This option, as well as being more comfortable than metal, ceramic and lingual braces, also requires fewer appointments. With metal braces, you would be required to regularly visit the orthodontist for checkups and to tighten your brace. However, with Clear X Aligners, the responsibility of the treatment lies with you, massively cutting down on the number of visits you'll need to make to the orthodontist. This is made possible by the incredible booster case which is able to reshape the tray through the use of 4D technology. Simply place the tray into the booster case and use the companion app to control the reshape. The app will act as your user interface into controlling the treatment, as it will offer reminders for when your tray is due to be reshaped and also act as your dental assistant answering frequently asked questions.

The companion app also provides progress updates, giving you a clear indication as to how your treatment is progressing. Giving you greater control over your own treatment can help improve treatment times and cut down on appointment times. Instead of visiting our facility to have your braces tightened, you can simply reshape your tray through the app. As this treatment only uses one tray, instead of multiple like Invisalign, it's much more eco-friendly. Instead of garnering multiple trays worth of plastic waste per treatment, Clear X Aligners are better for the environment and contribute to reducing plastic waste.

The nature of Clear X Aligners and the removable plastic tray makes eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth far easier than other options. At mealtimes, you're able to remove your plastic tray and enjoy food without it becoming stuck in your retainer. Similarly, when drinking sugary drinks you can remove your tray and enjoy the comfort of knowing it won't get trapped in between your teeth and retainer, causing damage to your enamel. The same concept applies when it comes to cleaning your retainer, as you're able to remove it and clean it thoroughly before wearing it again, reducing the number of bacteria that are living in your mouth. 

Clear X Aligners are also a great choice of cosmetic braces which don't impact your lifestyle and more specifically when you're exercising. When wearing metal braces, it can be dangerous to take part in physical activities as any contact with the mouth can damage your teeth and lips/gums. However, with a removable retainer, you can simply take it out and replace it with a gum shield or other mouthpiece.

Why Choose A 6 Month Smile Fixed Brace?

Our six-month smile fixed braces are another great treatment option to achieve straighter teeth without altering any of your natural teeth. By choosing this, you're also able to get a clear indication of treatment time and plan your life around it. But what exactly makes our six-month smile braces different from standard fixed braces? Well, at Dental Excellence, we understand that not all patients will want braces that cover up a large portion of their teeth and to offer an alternative to this, we can provide cosmetic fixed braces.

These types of braces feature tooth coloured brackets that are applied to the teeth and wires which connect the brackets. This makes the braces much less visible than standard metal braces, meaning you don't have to be conscious of whether or not your smile has been hidden. You'll be able to enjoy smiling, just like normal, with very minimal change, all the while knowing that you're taking one step closer to your perfect smile.

Once you first have your braces fitted, they will begin to move your teeth straight away which can cause some discomfort. However, you shouldn't let this deter you as it can be helped with painkillers. Your mouth will adjust too as it becomes accustomed to the braces, causing the pain to subside in just a few days. A small price to pay for perfect teeth, if you ask us.

It's also important to keep on top of your dental hygiene when wearing these braces and it can make cleaning your teeth a little more difficult. Don't worry though, it's far from impossible and there are plenty of tips and tools which can help you keep your teeth clean throughout your treatment. Due to the way the braces are designed, there are gaps in between your teeth and the wire which can trap food and bacteria, which if not removed, can cause harm to your teeth. By flossing and brushing thoroughly, you'll be able to remove this food and ensure your teeth remain as clean as possible.

The braces, which will be fixed to your teeth in order to move them, will be removed from your teeth without a trace, upon the completion of your treatment. The only issues which cause lasting discolouration are if you've not cleaned your teeth properly or regularly enough. This can cause a ring of plaque to form around the base of the bracket, leaving a yellow stain on your tooth once removed. This is rare, however, as cleaning your teeth with braces isn't too difficult but it is worth bearing in mind to ensure that you're motivated to keep on top of your dental hygiene.

Opting for a six-month smile fixed brace is a great alternative to porcelain treatments as this method ensures you retain all of your natural teeth. Composite treatments are still extremely popular, however, and a great choice for those who want instant results. Composite bonding treatments can be carried out in a single day, a procedure which we carry out as part of our same-day smile treatments. This will allow you to turn up and leave the same day, having had the smile makeover procedure completed.

Both options have their benefits and aspects which you may find a little tricky but don't worry about figuring out which is right for you by yourself. We're on hand to help, from your very first appointment to the very end of your treatment. We'll be able to answer any questions you have and ensure you're completely comfortable every step of the way. Book your consultation appointment with us today to begin discussing which treatment is right for you and which one you'll benefit from the most.

Do I need cosmetic braces?

There are a series of dental issues you may be suffering with, which cosmetic braces can fix, such as crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, gaps in your teeth or overcrowding. All of these issues can make dental care difficult and affect your smile. These are also issues which if left untreated, could lead to more serious issues later in life and require more extensive treatment to fix.

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, this could mean that once your mouth is closed, they don't fit together properly, causing additional strain on your jaw. Also, it is likely that there are gaps and other hard to reach areas as a result, making brushing more difficult and increasing the chances of bacteria causing tooth decay. There is also the possibility of the teeth being in a position that makes it impossible to floss, which is a very important part of a dental care routine. This could lead to bacteria build up in these gaps, causing tooth decay which will eventually lead to tooth loss. This would require a dental implants treatment to fix and prevent even more serious damage.

Overcrowding teeth can also cause misalignment, pain and other issues which could even lead to gum disease. Overcrowding which causes the teeth to become misaligned can result in a crooked smile and harm your confidence as a result. Often, this will need to be treated with a form of braces, as the teeth will need to be moved into a more natural-looking position. Treatments such as composite bonding will be unable to move the teeth or make them appear straighter, especially if there are overlaps between multiple teeth.

Dental issues don't necessarily have to affect your dental hygiene or daily life (eating, drinking, etc...), they may simply affect your appearance. Everybody is different and what may be an issue for one person may not be an issue for another, but that's no reason not to do what is right for you. Receiving dental treatment is a very personal journey and can result in a total rebuild of your confidence and self-esteem, once you see the incredible results. There are no rules when it comes to receiving treatment and no restrictions, as every client's situation is unique.

By taking this approach to every client and treating their situation as completely unique, we're able to create a treatment plan which is specifically tailored to the individual and delivers the exact results they expect. This means that even if your teeth aren't causing you severe difficulty or discomfort, you can still receive cosmetic braces to straighten your teeth and give you a smile that you view as perfect. 

In some cases, those who have suffered dental issues from a young age sought out corrective procedures, such as fixed braces, around their teens. For those who didn't, there is often a fear that receiving dental treatment in your adult years will impact your life (including appearance and confidence) too much. This is one of the reasons why we offer cosmetic braces options and love being able to offer clients who previously had fears of the dentist, a treatment that squashes those fears. Cosmetic braces are able to fix your teeth without altering the appearance of your mouth in dramatic ways.

As we offer a wide range of services here at Dental Excellence, we're able to provide a service that covers all aspects of issues you may face with your teeth. For example, if you're looking to achieve straighter teeth but have issues with discolouration, we can offer a whitening treatment too. Our services aren't limited to just one type of treatment, we're able to offer composite bonding treatments which can improve the colour of your teeth whilst retaining your natural tooth. If your teeth are damaged or unhealthy, we can explore options that can replace your unhealthy tooth with an artificial tooth which will improve your oral health and your smile, as a result of the tooth being a much more vibrant white colour.

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Planning Your Cosmetic Brace Treatment at Dental Excellence

When new clients come to us, we view that as the start of their journey and one which we're excited to accompany them on, from start to finish. As experts who are passionate about our profession, we love to see the difference our treatments can make and take pride in helping as many people as possible receive life-changing procedures at our stunning facility.

Our luxury facility, which is based in Liverpool is where the journey begins and where you will receive the treatment of your choice. It's furnished with luxurious Italian furniture and features warm lighting to create a relaxing and welcoming feel. It's also home to our incredible dental technology which allows us to deliver exceptional results. Our facility doesn't just look the part, it plays the part too, as it's fitted with an air filtration system which ensures it remains sterile.

The planning process begins when you book your first consultation appointment with us. This is where you get to meet us in person and begin learning about what each treatment entails and what kind of results you can expect from each procedure. We'll then outline a treatment plan, tailored to you and ensure that you're comfortable with every step.

Different treatments will require a different number of appointments and some can even begin online, in the case of our same-day smile makeover. You can get started on this with a free online consultation, which consists of just four steps. You will need to take pictures of your smile with your teeth closed, open, from below and a short video that shows you talking. After completing this stage, you will be invited to our luxury facility for a full case assessment. After this, you'll get to meet our team and then finally, receive your same-day smile makeover.

cosmetic or fixed braces before and after teeth

When planning your cosmetic braces treatment, the number of times you'll need to visit our facility both before and during your treatment can vary depending on whether you opt for our six-month smile fixed brace or the Clear X Aligners. All of these factors will be outlined in the early planning stages of your treatment to ensure you're completely happy with the steps.

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Smile Solutions

At Dental Excellence UK, we have created smile makeover packages for our most popular treatments to make it easier for our patients to see the options available.


Align, Bleach, Bond

We will improve the alignment of your natural teeth, whiten with a bespoke kit, and repair any tooth wear with composite edge bonding to your front teeth.


Align Bleach Bond

Align, Bleach and Bonding involves use of either almost-invisible removable aligners, or very subtle tooth coloured fixed braces to move your teeth into a more attractive, natural position, usually over a period of only 6-9 months.


Mini Smile Makeover

Dental Excellence can offer you a smile makeover within 2 – 3 visits using composite bonding.


Same Day Smile Makeover

Utilising the latest technology, Dental Excellence can provide a walk in, walk out smile makeover in one day.


The Digital Smile Makeover

Dental Excellence can offer you a smile makeover within 2 – 3 visits using composite bonding.


The VIP Digital Smile Makeover

We understand that for busy professionals, speed is of the essence.


The place is absolutely stunning, and their dental work is first class, but it's really the people who make it what it is. From the girl who greets you to the dentists that treat you, everyone is just lovely. Would recommend them to anyone, especially if you're nervous! Thanks Robbie & team for making the dentist a pleasure not a pain :) x.

Laura McDonald

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