Will fixing my smile improve my confidence?

Having a nice smile is an extremely important part of life for a lot of people. It contributes massively to your appearance and can make you feel confident, just as your smile can harm your confidence if you're not happy with it. For some, they are born with crooked or misaligned teeth which can affect their smile, whilst others adopt bad habits when young which affect the way their teeth grow. But this doesn't mean that you have to spend the rest of your life with a smile you're not happy with. You may wonder why someone may want a smile correction or what dental issues mean that you need one but that answer is completely subjective. Everybody is different and has different expectations for their appearance so we would only recommend a smile makeover to those who feel as though they need it.

At Dental Excellence, we want to give everyone their perfect smile and help them choose the right treatment for them to achieve it. Living with a smile that you constantly wish you could change can harm your self-esteem - but you don't have to make-do. If you would like a treatment that can give you the perfect smile, you can book a consultation with us today and begin planning your makeover with Dental Excellence. As experts, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver incredible results to all of our patients and ensuring that they're comfortable at every stage of the procedure.

What issues may require me to fix my smile?

Your teeth are one of the first things other people will notice when they look at you as your smile contributes massively to your appearance. If you have dental issues, these can affect your smile in many different ways, leading to either damaged confidence or more serious dental issues. The main dental issues which can alter your smile are crooked, misaligned, discoloured or missing teeth. Some of these issues may have occurred naturally or as a result of a bad habit but that doesn't mean you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Misaligned and crooked teeth are very common and can be unavoidable in some cases if it's hereditary. Bad habits can cause crooked teeth too such as children sucking on their thumb, causing the teeth to grow in an unnatural direction. Overbites are very common when children spend a lot of time sucking on a dummy or their thumb, as their teeth are still in a crucial stage of growth. This extra pressure on the teeth can force them to point outwards, creating a malocclusion or 'buck teeth'. These issues can be corrected with fixed braces, which are common amongst teenagers but once you become an adult, fixed braces are often far less appealing. That's why we offer treatments such as Clear X Aligners which appear invisible once worn, meaning you can fix your teeth without suffering the discomfort of fixed braces or the issues with your teeth being covered.

Discoloured or missing teeth can completely change your smile and draw unwanted attention to your mouth. Although these may seem like issues you're stuck with for the rest of your life, that's actually not the case. Even if you have missing teeth, you can receive treatments that can repair your smile and improve your overall dental health, preventing you from suffering more serious issues in the future. At Dental Excellence, we can offer same-day procedures to fix any discolouration of teeth or offer dental implants to replace any missing teeth.

What treatments can I receive to fix my smile?

We have plenty of treatments that we can offer here at Dental Excellence, each suited to correcting a different type of dental issue. Our state of the art technology and highly skilled team allows us to perform a wide range of treatments that deliver exceptional results every time. Whether it's crooked, discoloured or missing teeth, we can help you choose a treatment that will fully restore your smile.

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth and would like to align them properly whilst fully maintaining your natural teeth, our Clear X Aligners treatment is perfect for you. Much like Invisalign, this is an alternative to fixed braces that appear invisible once worn. This means you can undergo the treatment and enjoy your day to day life without your smile being hindered. Not only is this a perfect option for adults looking for teeth straightening options but it also can deliver results much faster than fixed braces in some cases.

With discoloured teeth and even some crookedness, composite bonding treatments and veneers are a good option. Using the composite material, we can reshape teeth to make them appear straighter and whiter, hiding any discolouration in the process. There is also the option to use the composite to create veneers, which is when a full layer of composite material is placed over the entire tooth to make it appear a much healthier white colour. A similar process is done with the porcelain, however, a thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth to make way for the porcelain veneer as opposed to it simply being placed over the top. Veneers can completely transform the tooth, making a full set of teeth appear straighter and whiter than they did before.

For missing teeth, these can be replaced too. If you have missing teeth, it's important that you replace them, not just for the appearance benefits but for the dental health benefits too. If the gum is left exposed where a tooth used to be, it can be far easier to get gum disease, as it's left unprotected. It can also create a space for food to get trapped and bacteria to grow, damaging not only the gum but the teeth around the gap. To fix this, we offer a dental implant treatment that consists of fusing a screw to your jawbone, to which an artificial tooth can be attached. This is a great solution to repairing your smile and can prove a great investment into your dental health as it can last up to 30 years.

Each of these treatments will last for different periods of time, of course, the Clear X Aligners treatment will correct your teeth over a much longer period of time than it would take to fit a dental implant. The length of the treatment and the number of appointments can be a large factor in choosing your treatment, especially when you consider how this will fit into your daily life. For those who are looking for a short treatment time and still want great results, we can offer a same-day smile makeover that allows you to turn up and leave the same day with a completed treatment. The procedure is also designed to put your comfort at the forefront, taking place in our luxury facility you'll also be able to watch a film or listen to music whilst we carry out the procedure.

Can I get braces to fix my smile?

Braces can straighten teeth and in turn fix your smile but they're not always the most popular choice. Whilst there are benefits to fixed braces, for adults, they can pose a lot of issues that makes them lower on the list of treatments. They are generally cheaper than other treatments but also more uncomfortable and can change your appearance due to the amount of metal in your mouth. They work by having brackets fixed to your teeth and connecting them with wires, these wires are then tightened to force the teeth to change position.

Standard metal braces are applied to the front of the teeth, meaning they're highly visible when the wearer smiles. Alternatives to this type that still use metal brackets are ceramic braces and lingual braces. Ceramic braces are very similar to metal braces except they use a porcelain material that resembles the colour of the tooth to make them appear more discreet. The metal wires however are still visible and the brackets still cover up most of the tooth. The other option is lingual braces which are placed along the back of the teeth, facing inwards into the mouth. This means that they can't be seen by others but are much more uncomfortable due to them being in more regular contact with the tongue. Whilst some forms of fixed braces are more discreet than others and better hidden there is still one common factor that makes them less popular than Invisalign and Clear X Aligners - discomfort.

The treatment which we offer as an alternative to fixed braces is Clear X Aligners, which eradicate the need for metal brackets to be glued to your teeth and lots of wires. The Clear X treatment consists of a single transparent tray that is moulded to the shape of your mouth. This means that it's far more comfortable to wear as the plastic is much smoother on your gums and the inside of your cheeks than metal wires are. The tray is also removable meaning you can take it out whenever you wish to eat or drink, helping you maintain better oral hygiene. With fixed braces, there are lots of gaps where food can get trapped causing bacteria to grow, and due to the wires, brushing in between the brackets can be extremely difficult.

Clear X Aligners can also deliver results faster than fixed braces shortening the treatment time by several weeks. The treatment is able to do this by using 4D technology which can actively track your progress and adjust accordingly to the stage you're at. This also saves you from visiting the dentist regularly as the tray is reshaped at home using the booster case which you're given. It's this case that contains the 4D technology which is able to actively reshape the single tray to the next stage of your treatment, using the companion app. The app which is downloaded on your smartphone manages your progress and can give you reminders as to when your retainer is due for reshaping. All you need to do is simply place the tray in the case and it will do the rest, using heat to re-mould the tray.

What causes a smile to need fixing?

Everybody's teeth are different, meaning there is no definition of the perfect smile. However, even if you have very well-aligned teeth there are still issues that can affect your smile such as discolouration on your teeth. This can simply occur over time through what is essentially wear and tear but there are certain foods that can accelerate the effects of discolouration. Drinking strong coffee, red wine or smoking cigarettes can all lead to discolouration due to the harshness of them on the white of your teeth. The effects can be long lasting and although you may think this can be corrected by DIY teeth whitening procedures, they're not always safe or proven to produce results. That's why it's important to always receive treatment from certified experts who can provide you with the results you're looking for.

Even slight misalignments or crookedness can lead to someone not being happy with their smile, and if you're one of those people don't worry, there are treatments available. It's likely that if you're in this position and only have minor imperfections which you'd like to correct, that a longer treatment plan isn't your first choice. It’s likely you want to protect as much of your natural tooth as possible which makes composite bonding a great choice. We can offer this as part of our same-day smile makeover and use the composite material to alter the shape of your teeth to make them appear much straighter. By opting for this treatment you can have it completed in a day and you will be able to retain all of your natural teeth.

If you have more serious issues such as severely crooked or missing teeth, there is no doubt that this will affect your smile and you will be looking for a treatment to correct it. For these types of dental issues, correcting them with composite bonding material won't have the same effects, as it is likely the teeth are facing in unnatural directions. For this, we would recommend our Clear X Aligners to fully correct your teeth. This doesn't rule you out of teeth whitening treatments, however, as the colour of your teeth can massively impact your smile.

Why choose Dental Excellence to fix my smile?

At Dental Excellence we can offer a highly personal experience that delivers incredible results, whilst making sure you're comfortable and happy with your progress every step of the way. Our luxury facility has been designed to create a warm and welcoming environment for every patient receiving treatment. Furnished with stylish Italian furniture and soft lighting, our facility flips the concept of cold and clinical dental practises on its head. In addition to the luxury feel of the facility, it also incorporates an efficient air filtration system to ensure it's sterile too.

We're incredibly grateful for the facility we're able to carry out treatments in, but even more grateful for our exceptional team of experts who love nothing more than helping our patients achieve their desired results. With the combination of their incredible ability and the modern dental technology available in our facility, we're able to provide the best treatments for patients looking for life-changing results. We offer step by step support through every stage, from the very first consultation appointment all the way through until the treatment is completed. 

During your first appointment with us, we'll discuss with you the best options for treatment and explain what each one will entail. This will help you decide which treatment you'd like to choose and the results you can expect from it. From Clear X Aligners to dental implants, we offer a selection of treatments that can correct a range of dental problems. We even offer one-day solutions such as our smile makeover for those who want a quick treatment. The same-day smile makeover consists of pre-treatment appointments to outline the process and the results you like to achieve, before carrying out the procedure. On treatment day, you can sit back and listen to music or watch a film whilst we complete the procedure and afterwards you'll be able to leave the same day. It's a great choice for those who don't want to attend a lot of appointments or a long treatment time.

As dental experts, we know how important it is to be flexible in our approach to our clients. There is no 'one size fits all' in dentistry, each treatment is different, whether it's to cater to a client's individual needs or to fix an issue that is uncommon, we're perfectly equipped to deal with any issue. If you're looking for a treatment that can enhance your smile, get in touch with us today to begin discussing the best options for you.

How will fixing my smile help my gums?

The health of your gums is reliant on your teeth and how clean they are. If your teeth are unclean, this can affect the health of your gums and through bacteria build-up, potentially cause gum disease. Gaps in between your teeth or pockets of space created by fixed braces can create hard to reach areas that harbour bacteria. If not cleaned, the bacteria in these areas can begin to damage the tooth, causing cavities and the longer this bacteria is left uncleaned, the more damage it will do that begins to affect your gums. Experimenting with different brush types and floss will allow you to reach these tricky areas and prevent this from happening.

Other serious issues which affect your smile can also affect your gums, such as missing teeth. While this is a dental problem that can ruin your smile, it also poses real health risks. If you have a missing tooth, the gap where it used to be will now be exposed. This means that the gum is more susceptible to infection which can lead to more serious issues, such as Periodontitis, which can destroy soft tissues as well as bones, if left untreated. The best solution for this is to replace any missing teeth you have, which will both repair your smile and ensure there is no longer a large amount of gum exposed.

At Dental Excellence, we offer a dental implant treatment that consists of fusing a titanium screw to your jawbone and attaching an artificial tooth. The tooth will then sit in line with your other teeth, filling the gap and making your smile appear brand new. Whilst the process sounds a little invasive, it will ensure that you're less susceptible to serious gum diseases as well as providing you with a confidence boost due to having a brand-new looking smile. 

Do braces change the shape of your teeth?

In short, no. Braces can change the positioning of your teeth in your mouth but not their actual shape. As such, braces are a fantastic way to straighten your teeth, but they can only repair their alignment and not their actual health. However, there are a few options available to you if you wish to alter the shape of your teeth. For example, composite bonding is a perfect option for those whose teeth are predominantly healthy but have a few minor imperfections or chips that they’d like to correct. During this procedure, a composite material is applied over the top of the natural tooth. 

You can learn more about how we can help you to change the shape of your teeth here.

Can teeth crowding cause pain?

Teeth crowding often occurs when teeth are misaligned. Due to genetic issues in jaw size or other external factors, the teeth end up competing for space as they grow, which pushes them into these ‘crooked’ positions. This can lead to pain in your teeth, gum, and jaws, which in some cases can even radiate down to your neck and shoulders.

How can I prevent teeth crowding?

Braces or retainers are the most common way to realign the teeth to prevent, or correct, teeth overcrowding. Sometimes other procedures such as tooth extraction are necessary. The earlier you treat the problem, the better the outcome.

How can I whiten crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth can be whitened much in the same way as straight teeth. It’s important that the whitening product covers each and every tooth, which can be more difficult when teeth overlap or are misaligned. It’s also vital that you go to a professional dentist who can help you through every step of the process in order to avoid uneven results.

Can veneers straighten crooked teeth?

If your teeth are misaligned, you may want to change the look of your smile with veneers. But, misalignment can also have a detrimental effect on your oral health.

Crowded or crooked teeth can sometimes lead to a build-up of bacteria and plaque as it’s trickier to clean in between those tighter spaces. Misaligned teeth can also push against each other, which creates a higher risk of the veneers chipping or cracking.

So, in short, this all depends on the severity of your case. If your teeth are misaligned to the point that it affects the health of your mouth, then porcelain veneers are likely not the best option, as they would cover rather than solve the root cause.

On the other hand, composite bonding may be employed to reshape teeth with minor misalignments, giving them the appearance of being straight. For a more permanent fix, however, a more intensive treatment, such as braces, may need to be discussed.

When it comes to reshaping your teeth, it’s essential that you book a consultation to discuss the best options for you.

What causes crooked teeth in adults?

There are a wide variety of causes that can lead to crooked teeth in adults. Crooked teeth can be genetic, but in other cases, they can be caused by jaw shape or size, overbites, underbites, teeth crowding, or poor tooth or palate development. Whatever the underlying cause, there are many solutions that might be suitable for you. You can find out more about this topic by visiting our FAQ page that answers common queries about crooked teeth and how to repair them.

Can crooked teeth cause gum recession?

Yes, having crooked teeth can indeed lead to gum recession. This gum recession, in turn, could then cause further issues later down the line, such as tooth sensitivity, or, in more severe cases, a build-up of disease-causing bacteria. If left untreated, this may ultimately result in tooth loss.

What's the best way to whiten my teeth?

Professional whitening treatments provided by a dentist are the best way to whiten your teeth. In addition to the stronger peroxide solution that is used in professional environments as opposed to at-home solutions, heat or light can also be used to intensify the whitening effects.

During the treatment, our team will monitor the health of your teeth and ensure that the chemicals used, as well as the procedure followed, are 100% safe.

How long does a dental implant procedure take?

Assuming that you don’t require foundation and stabilisation work before the fitting of an implant, surgery usually takes between 1-2 hours per implant. This doesn’t account for the pre-surgery consultations or recovery time.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants are done under local anesthetic. Most people report a slight feeling of discomfort rather than pain, although your dentist may also provide pain medication prior to the procedure. For more information on this procedure, visit our Dental Implant page.

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