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The Digital Smile Makeover is our flagship treatment. It is the Rolls Royce of Smile Design.

We use 100% digital workflow to ensure precision, predictability and beauty. With our onsite laboratory and our VIP concierge service, we can deliver this treatment within a week.




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Planning your Dental Makeover with Dental Excellence

Posted by Dental Excellence UK on Mar 11, 2021 10:00:27 AM
Dental Excellence UK
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At Dental Excellence we pride ourselves on providing premium standard treatments which provide breathtaking results. We offer a selection of different services including dental implants, facial aesthetics, root canal treatments, cosmetic braces, digital smile makeovers and same-day smile makeovers. Currently, we serve patients across the UK in London, Dublin and Manchester, from our prime luxury location situated in Liverpool. Call us on 0151 729 0000 or email us via the contact form on our website to get started with your dental makeover today.

There are many reasons why people turn to dental makeovers, whether you were born with issues relating to your teeth or whether the issues have developed over time. But regardless of your reasons for wanting a dental makeover, there’s no doubt the results are astounding. Perfect teeth can completely transform your smile and as a result, your entire face, giving you that glow everybody wants.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and team of specialist dental experts allows us to offer a range of services which can dramatically enhance your teeth and overall dental health. To help you understand what treatments are available and how they can benefit you, we’re going to take you through our services. The dental treatments we offer are designed to fix any issues you may have with your teeth to improve your smile and as a result, boost your confidence. Depending on what issues you may be having with your teeth will depend on which treatment you may need and the scope of the work you will need to have done, which your dentist will always be able to advise you on.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a long term solution for fixing damaged and crooked teeth. They have the ability to straighten and whiten the appearance of your teeth whilst also improving their shape, size and overall appearance, to give you the smile you always wanted. Discolouration, chips on your teeth or misalignment are also issues which are commonly fixed by porcelain veneers.

This type of veneer is applied by laying an extremely thin layer of porcelain over the entire tooth, which is then permanently bonded to the tooth for up to 15 years. The porcelain material is unable to be stained or discoloured in the same way that your teeth can be, or even other dental treatments, such as composite veneers and bonding treatments. The long-lasting nature of this treatment allows you to enjoy a boost in confidence and gives you the peace of mind that you won’t need another treatment anytime soon.

The process begins at your very first in-clinic appointment when we take a mould of your teeth to ensure that your veneers will be custom made for you. The next step in applying the veneers is to remove a layer of the tooth to make way for the layer of porcelain which is to be applied. This attention to detail means that your porcelain veneers will fit perfectly to your teeth with absolutely no imperfections in sight.

Do you need them?

Before you jump straight into a treatment it’s important to assess whether it’s right for you. The likelihood is if you’ve identified porcelain veneers as the ideal treatment for you, you’re looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance treatment option. Dental issues which are commonly corrected by porcelain veneers are worn tooth enamel, cracks, chips or uneven teeth, misalignment, crookedness or gaps in between the teeth and tooth discolouration (unaffected by other methods).

Porcelain veneers are more of a commitment than other treatments due to them being made to last for an extended period of time, so it’s important you’re sure this is right for you. That being said, they’re one of the most cost-effective treatments for the same reason - that they will last a long time.

Composite Veneers & Bonding - Same-Day Smile

Our same-day smile treatment is designed to give your smile a makeover in one day without the need for multiple appointments. This is done by using composite veneers and bonding processes to quickly improve the quality of your teeth. The tooth-coloured composite is used to repair teeth, restore colour and improve the shape of the teeth.

Both composite veneers and the composite bonding treatments can be applied during your same-day smile appointment, as well as a tooth whitening process. The composite veneers are applied to your teeth to fill in chips, gaps and other imperfections to improve their overall shape. They’re similar to porcelain veneers but are added to the teeth rather than a section of the tooth being removed for them to be added like porcelain veneers are. Composite veneers are able to make your teeth appear straighter and cover up any discolouration on your natural teeth. 

Composite bonding uses the same material as composite veneers, but instead of them covering the whole tooth, they are used to only fill in select areas of the tooth. This means that much like the veneers, this treatment is pain-free and extremely quick to apply, which is why they are commonplace in our same-day treatment plans. Due to composite bonding only covering certain areas of your teeth, much fewer resources are used in the treatment, making this a more cost-effective option for some.

Do you need them?

If your teeth are generally aligned well and your dental issues only relate to a few small imperfections then you’ll be suitable for a composite treatment which is used to correct cracks in the teeth, rough edges, chipped edges misalignment and discolouration.

The composite treatment is easy to apply and relatively quick when compared with our other slightly more intensive treatments. If you’re not looking for a quick-fix solution with long-lasting effects and prefer a treatment which can be applied quickly then our same-day smile makeover is perfect for you. Composite veneers and bonding treatments can last up to 7 years if you follow the correct procedure and look after your teeth properly. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more permanent option than the other services we provide and offer a solution to more severe dental problems. While veneers can improve the quality of existing teeth, dental implants are able to replace missing teeth and completely restore an otherwise damaged smile. Missing teeth can cause a range of problems from damaged confidence all the way to difficulty with eating or speaking.

Living with missing teeth or trying to get the issue treated at various dentists can prove time-consuming, costly and difficult to get the care you need. The longer missing teeth are untreated, the more likely you are to get an infection which can then lead to more dental issues or more treatment bills stacking up. It’s better to act soon and fix your teeth as soon as possible - you’ll benefit from a confidence boost too!

The process for applying dental implants can sound intense and a little invasive, but we can promise you it’s not as scary as it sounds. Our team of specialists will help you through the process, ensuring your comfort from start to finish. The process is carried out by inserting a titanium screw into your gum and connecting it to your jaw so that the implant can be held in place. It’s important we meet with you on multiple occasions to personalise the treatment as much as possible to ensure your comfort and make sure your implants will last for many years to come.

The procedure, though intensive, is worth it in the long run when you weigh up the benefits of having dental implants. By removing damaged or rotting teeth and replacing them with an implant you’re able to dramatically improve the overall appearance of your teeth and enjoy a youthful, vibrant smile.

Do you need them?

There are no hard and fast rules or stages of life you need to be at to qualify for dental implants, as they’re simply a long-lasting solution for missing or severely damaged teeth. The process is quite a large commitment however as there are many different steps to go through, but once the procedure is complete, you can be set for life.

Generally, you’ll only be looking to get dental implants if you have entirely missing teeth or un-repairable damaged teeth. If you have slight imperfections with your teeth, crookedness or discolouration, these issues can often be fixed with other treatments such as composite veneers and bonding. If you have misaligned teeth they can often be fixed with Clear X Aligners, which are similar to braces but an invisible retainer is used instead.

Clear X Aligners

Clear X Aligners are the latest development in invisible braces and dental technology. They offer a favourable alternative to the uncomfortable and unsightly options of metal and ceramic braces. While you may think lingual braces (situated on the back of the teeth rather than the front) are a good option to maintain your appearance, they’re arguably the most uncomfortable of the lot. Clear X Aligners combine comfort, appearance and effectiveness into one efficient treatment.

Much like Invisalign, Clear X Aligners consist of a transparent retainer which is moulded to your teeth and gradually re-aligns them over time. However, with Invisalign treatments, there are multiple trays and each needs to be changed over time to reach your desired result, but with Clear X Aligners there is only one. This is possible due to the revolutionary 4D technology which is used to reshape the single retainer. By placing the retainer into the booster case, it is able to heat the plastic retainer and re-shape it to the next step in the process. This method of retainer alteration not only increases the effectiveness of the treatment, it also proves to be much more environmentally friendly by minimising plastic waste from multiple unuseable trays.

To make the treatment even more manageable and personal to you, there is a companion app which allows you to follow the process and keep track of your progress. The app allows you to set reminders, troubleshoot and keep up to date with when your retainer is due for a reshape. The app also acts as your personal dental assistant, answering any questions or queries you have along the way which limits your trips to the dentist. By integrating such a crucial part of the treatment into your smartphone, the whole process becomes a lot easier and more digestible for you as a patient. By monitoring your progress every step of the way throughout your entire treatment, the app will be able to give you a full overview of what of the results you’ve achieved upon completion. 

Throughout various consultations a mould of your teeth will be taken to create the retainer, making sure it’s as comfortable as possible. The retainer, being transparent, appears almost entirely invisible when you smile, meaning you can go about your daily life with your smile unhindered. The overall comfort and ability to maintain your normal appearance are what makes this treatment so popular. The Clear X Aligners have also been proven as a super effective treatment which provides results much faster than other similar options, such as Invisalign.

Do you need them?

Clear X Aligners are the perfect solution to fix misaligned or crooked teeth without the discomfort of metal brackets and wires crowding your mouth. Although more expensive than metal braces, the benefits you’ll enjoy from Clear X Aligners more than justify the cost. Due to their discreet appearance and the technology which allows you to self-manage, they can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life with minimal hassle.

Clear X Aligners are perfect if you work as a model, in customer service or in another job where you need to keep up appearances. Metal braces can also harm your confidence as they hide your teeth, making Clear X Aligners the ideal choice to boost your confidence as you know your smile isn’t hidden and your teeth are improving with each day.

If you’ve been born with misaligned teeth or suffer with them now as a result of a bad habit you adopted when young, Clear X Aligners are the perfect solution. Under and overbites are also common dental issues which can be fixed with the Clear X treatment. With the use of dynamic 4D technology, Clear X Aligners are able to tackle more dental issues than other standard treatments and adapt to suit more customers’ needs and desires.

Dental Makeovers at Dental Excellence

At Dental Excellence we offer a premium experience thanks to our combination of cutting edge technologies and our team of certified dental experts. This allows us to carry out the most effective dental treatments with the highest precision, with our team on hand to guide you and manage your treatment every step of the way. By using state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to put your health and well-being at the forefront of what we do, allowing us to maintain our impeccable quality of care. Through the use of modern technology, we’re able to offer innovative solutions and treatments which continually explore new possibilities. 

Our premium dental care doesn’t just cover our equipment and team either, it extends to our luxurious facility based in Liverpool. Furnished with Italian-designed furniture and decor, we’re kicking the stereotype of cold and unwelcoming facilities out of the door. With a warm and comfortable treatment centre, the dental experience is completely transformed into one that is tranquil, relaxing and enjoyable.

Luxury isn’t all about looks and high-spec dental technology, it’s about dedication and our promise to you as dental care experts. We make sure you’re happy and comfortable throughout the process and after it’s been completed, as part of our commitment to our customers. Personalised care is something that we view as absolutely crucial when it comes to carrying out dental treatment as they’re life-changing decisions. The respect, care and attention that we pay to you is all part of our joint partnership throughout your treatment with Dental Excellence.

Offering the best treatments with incredible results which boost your confidence and improve your appearance is what we pride ourselves on. If you’re happy, we’re happy and the best way to do that is by personalising the experience to you as much as possible. We believe that this type of dental care is the future and we’re glad to be leading the way with our modern values and approach to dentistry. 

To begin your journey with us today and enjoy a fantastic premium treatment, call us on 0151 729 0000 or book a consultation with us at our luxurious Liverpool location. We currently offer consultations across the UK in London, Dublin, Manchester and Liverpool, to make talking to one of our team of experts more accessible. Your first consultation will consist of a full case assessment where we carry out an oral exam, clinical photographs and sometimes an OPG x-ray or a digital scan. This allows us to identify your best options for treatment and help you decide which path to embark upon.

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