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Same Day Smile Digital Composite Veneers Makeover

Digital Smile Makeover

The Digital Smile Makeover is our flagship treatment. It is the Rolls Royce of Smile Design.

We use 100% digital workflow to ensure precision, predictability and beauty. With our onsite laboratory and our VIP concierge service, we can deliver this treatment within a week.




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A huge part of offering exceptional cosmetic dentistry to every single one of our patients is being able to combine state of the art technology with the irreplaceable expertise of our highly experienced and qualified dentistry team.

Staying ahead of the curve and always using the best-in-class equipment for our treatments is incredibly important in making sure your treatments are as safe and effective as possible, but the ability to combine these new methods and techniques with the knowledge and understanding of our clinical team is what makes the Dental Excellence experience special. Our lab team actually design every single veneer and implant personally, to be sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

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Comprehensive Dental Care in Liverpool with Dental Excellence

Located in the historic Liverpool Matchworks building on Garston Road, everything in our clinic has been created with you in mind. Our five-star dental facility boasts beautifully peaceful treatment rooms and Italian soft furnishings to help put you at ease from the moment you step through our doors.

From our Merseyside home, we offer our full range of excellent dentistry services to patients from across the Liverpool city region, as well as further afield in Lancashire, Manchester, Chester and nationwide. Many patients also visit us from London, as well as our European visitors from Dublin, alongside our patients in the North of England.

Located in South Liverpool, our clinic has excellent transport links, with Liverpool John Lennon airport less than a 10-minute drive away for clients reaching us from further afield. We’re also less than 45 minutes from neighbouring Manchester Airport, and Liverpool Lime Street and Central train stations are easily accessible in less than half an hour by car or public transport.

Composite Veneers & Composite Bonding Treatments in Just One Day with our Same-Day Smile

With Same-Day Smile, you’ll come in and leave with a whole new smile on your face in just one day. One of our most popular treatment plans, the Same-Day Smile treatment plan is perfectly tailored to you, your wishes, goals and needs, to give you the best possible results and a glowing smile when you step out of the clinic. Same-Day Smile generally consists of Composite Veneers and Composite Bonding treatments, alongside teeth whitening, to give you a comprehensive dentistry plan and help create a smile that looks beautiful and fits your mouth very naturally.

Composite Veneers are a tooth-coloured material which is matched to the shade of your natural teeth. It’s then applied in thin layers to the surface of the tooth and sculpted by your dentist to help fill in chipped teeth, create the appearance of straighter teeth in cases of minor misalignment and to remove discolouration or “patchiness” on the surface of your teeth. Composite veneers have a quick treatment time, don’t damage the natural tooth and are completely painless to put in.

Composite Bonding treatments are very similar to Composite Veneers, except where veneers cover the whole tooth, composite bonding generally only covers part of the tooth. This makes it less time and resource-consuming than composite veneer treatments but still allows us to straighten, smooth and whiten the teeth quickly and painlessly!

Throughout your Same-Day Smile dental procedure, you can listen to music or watch a film to keep your mind occupied and help you relax in the capable hands of our dental team.

Am I Right for Composite Veneers & Composite Bonding Treatments?

If your teeth are generally in good health with minor to moderate imperfections, then composite treatments might be ideal for you. Common issues that we can improve with composite treatments include:

  • Cracks in the teeth.
  • Uneven and rough tooth edges.
  • Chipped edges or corners of the teeth.
  • Slight misalignment of the teeth.
  • Discolouration and dark spots on the surface of the tooth.

Composite treatments can be used to smooth the edges and surface of the teeth as well as to whiten and brighten the teeth, resulting in a smooth, straight, beautiful smile. If you’re looking for a treatment that is quick, comfortable and effective, while providing you with long-lasting and beautiful results, look no further than composite dental treatments. Composite treatments generally last from five to seven years before they need to be replaced, if taken care of properly, and treatment is carried out in less than a day!. 

If you’re not sure whether you need composite treatments or something else, such as orthodontics or porcelain veneers, our team will be able to help advise and guide you throughout the consultation process. We’ll talk you through the advantages of different treatments as well as make recommendations based on the condition of your teeth, your age, your lifestyle and many other factors. We won’t carry out any treatments we don’t believe will actually help you in the long-term and are passionate about ensuring the safety and comfort of every single one of our patients, no matter what kind of treatment they are looking for.

Porcelain Veneers at Dental Excellence

Porcelain Veneers are a long-term solution to whiten, straighten and strengthen teeth. Porcelain veneers, like composite veneers, cover the whole tooth and can improve the shape, size, shade and appearance of your teeth. If you have struggled with tooth discolouration, chipping or crookedness for a long time, porcelain veneers might be the right treatment plan for you.

Porcelain veneers are a wafer-thin layer of porcelain that is laid over the whole tooth, are permanently bonded to the tooth’s surface, and generally last for around 15 years. They aren’t susceptible to staining in the same way composite veneers are, so you can be confident of a shiny white smile for many years after having your porcelain veneers put in.

A very thin layer of enamel is then removed from the surface of the tooth, reshaping it so that the veneer can neatly sit on top when it is put in. All veneers, including porcelain veneers, are made completely custom to your teeth using a model of your tooth, which we’ll take in the first appointment. There is a great deal of artistry that goes into creating the perfect dental veneer, as what works for one person’s face will not for the next. Our dentists artfully create porcelain veneers that perfectly suit you, leaving you with a beautiful smile that is just as unique as you are.

Porcelain veneers are generally a multi-step process that will take a few appointments. After your initial consultation with our dentistry team, if you decide that porcelain veneers are right for you, we’ll make an appointment to create the model of your tooth or teeth. Then, we’ll prep your teeth and apply temporary implants. Your custom veneers will be created for you by our lab team, before being bonded to your teeth.

Are Porcelain Veneers Right for Me?

Porcelain veneers are an incredibly effective treatment with long-lasting results that don’t require a huge amount of maintenance. In general, we recommend composite treatments for younger people with generally healthy teeth, and porcelain veneers are the next step after this. Of course, this can vary widely between patients, which is why our team always takes the time to get to know you and understand your lifestyle, goals and dental health when helping you choose the right treatment. 

Porcelain veneers may be a great option for you if you struggle with issues such as:

  • Tooth enamel that is wearing down, which can be uncomfortable and increase tooth staining.
  • Cracks, chips or uneven teeth, caused by unavoidable wear and tear, or by habits like teeth grinding.
  • Misalignment caused by ageing or genetics, leaving gaps between your teeth.
  • Tooth discolouration that traditional teeth whitening procedures aren’t effective at removing.

Porcelain veneers are a bit more of a commitment than their composite counterparts, requiring a few separate appointments and permanent changes to your teeth. However, they’re also incredibly resilient and long-lasting, making them a good long-term investment. Porcelain veneers also don’t stain, unlike your natural teeth or composite veneers, so you don’t have to worry about losing the bright white of your teeth for many years to come.

Dental Implants For Patients in Liverpool

Dental Implants are a long-term solution to help restore missing teeth, or as a way to support the placement of dental crowns or dentures. For those struggling with missing teeth, it’s not just a matter of giving you back confidence in your smile, it’s a case of helping you improve your health and comfort, as missing teeth can affect your ability to eat and speak, as well as making you prone to infection and the need for dental work in the future.

When you have dental implants fitted, you’re essentially creating an artificial tooth root. This is done with a titanium screw, which fuses with the bones of the jaw to stop you implant moving or falling out. You can have single or multiple dental implants fitted at once, depending on your needs. Dental implants can sound scary, but our team of expert dentists will be able to help and advise you throughout every step of the dental implant process.

Dental implants, like veneers, take multiple appointments to make sure your treatment is safe and comfortable, and that it will remain that way in the long-term. After your consultation, you’ll have an appointment to fit your implants. At this stage, we’ll remove any teeth that need to be taken out and place temporary crowns, bridges, or dentures. You’ll have these temporary measures for between three and six months, to give your jaw and gums time to adjust and settle before we fit your permanent implants and any crowns or dentures that are needed.

Dental implants are a long-term solution, and once they are fitted, you’ll usually be set for life with proper care.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dental implants are a highly effective and long-lasting treatment option for patients struggling with tooth loss, however, they are also quite a big commitment, with several different appointments needed over the course of an extended period of time - in some cases over a year. However, once dental implant treatment is complete, you’ll be set for the rest of your life with proper care, as dental implants are one of the best permanent solutions for tooth loss. They are comfortable and natural looking, easy to care for and look and feel like your natural teeth, so it isn’t obvious you’ve had any work done. 

Dental implants are also very popular compared to bridges or dentures as they don’t rely on your other teeth to support them. As long as you have generally good oral health, a fully developed jaw, good overall health and healthy bones in the jaw, dental implants are likely to be a very good fit for you.


Invisible Braces

There are a huge number of invisible braces and teeth straightening options out there, including Invisalign, Six Month Smiles and Damon Braces.

At Dental Excellence, we are proud to offer invisible braces using some of the most cutting edge technology in modern orthodontics. When we talk about the “perfect smile”, a lot of people think straight away of teeth whitening and other forms of cosmetic dentistry, but forget about just how much of a difference orthodontics can make when it comes to giving you confidence in your smile.

Invisible braces and invisible orthodontics solutions like Invisalign are a wonderful way to help patients in Liverpool improve mild to moderate cases of the most common orthodontic problems - things like crowded teeth, mild to moderate over or underbites, or gaps between the teeth. Your dentist will be able to tell you about the best options for you and your teeth during your consultation.

Should I Get Invisible Braces?

While many of us were familiar with the orthodontist as adolescents, the importance of maintaining your teeth as an adult can’t be understated. As we age, genetics, lifestyle and habits like grinding your teeth can all impact on the alignment of your teeth, even if you’ve had braces before. Gaps between your teeth and misaligned teeth can not only make you feel self-conscious and less confident about your smile but can also have a big impact on your overall dental health. Gaps in your teeth can make it harder to clean your teeth properly, resulting in the buildup of plaque and tartar and making you more susceptible to conditions like gingivitis and gum disease, even if you take good care of your teeth normally.

Invisible braces like Invisalign are very popular as they are subtle and don’t make too much of an impact on your appearance on a daily basis. However, this does mean they can be slower to work than traditional braces, and can’t be used to correct severe gaps or misalignments. If you're suffering from mild to moderate orthodontic issues though, invisible braces are likely to be a good option for you. Invisible braces are excellent at helping to correct:

  • Teeth with gaps, particularly between the front teeth.
  • Overly crowded teeth.
  • Over and underbites.
  • Open bites.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Obviously, the main benefit of cosmetic dentistry is the improved appearance of your smile, but there are also many other benefits to looking after your smile with a highly qualified team like Dental Excellence.

High-quality cosmetic dentistry also helps you by:

  1. Giving you a confidence boost - Your smile can give a fantastic first impression when you’re meeting someone new, whether it’s socially, at work or on a date! By helping our patients achieve their goals with a dazzling smile, we can also help them feel their best in any situation. Your smile is something that you shouldn’t be worried about showing off, and cosmetic dentistry can help make it so the last thing on your mind when you’re talking, smiling and laughing, is how your teeth look.
  2. Improving your dental health overall - Cosmetic dentistry does more than just look good, with many cosmetic dentistry procedures actively helping to protect your teeth in the long-run. Dental crowns and implants, for example, can help prevent infection or further deterioration of the teeth or gums. Procedures like composite bonding and veneers to cover cracked or chipped teeth also help to strengthen these weak areas and protect them from any further damage or deterioration. Large gaps between your teeth, due to misalignment or missing teeth, can also cause complications as they are harder to brush effectively and are more prone to infection.
  3. Promoting good dental care - Cosmetic dentistry also pushes many of our patients to pay more attention to their teeth, come in for regular checkups and become increasingly aware of their oral health. This extra awareness and care helps you protect your teeth and keep them healthy, so when you visit for a checkup, that’s all we need to do! Well-aligned teeth without gaps or pain also make it easier for you to look after your teeth the way you should, preventing plaque and tartar buildup in any hard-to-reach gaps.
  4. Saving you money - The best thing you can do for your teeth is to look after them and attend checkups for regular preventative dental care. As well as protecting and enhancing your smile right now, cosmetic dentistry acts as a form of preventative dental care to keep your teeth strong and healthy. This means you are much less likely to find yourself with complex, painful and expensive issues in the future.

Choosing a Smile Solution With Dental Excellence

Whether you know exactly what you want when you visit us for the first time or need some more guidance, our team will welcome you with care and compassion. Using our expertise we can recommend you safe, innovative and effective dental care plans to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. However, we believe that dentistry is a collaborative effort, and so we always take the time to genuinely understand you and your goals when it comes to dental care.

We offer a wide range of treatments to help create your perfect smile, including several smile solutions, ranging from our Gold Mini package up to Diamond VIP. All of our packages are put together with your needs in mind and can be adapted to make sure you’re getting the perfect results for you every time. No matter what you want to get out of your journey with Dental Excellence, our commitment to creating a luxury experience when it comes to your care without compromising on results, means you’ll leave the clinic feeling like the best and most confident version of yourself.

To find out more about Dental Excellence, the smile solutions we offer or to book your consultation with our experienced team, please get in touch!


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