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Same Day Smile Digital Composite Veneers Makeover

Digital Smile Makeover

The Digital Smile Makeover is our flagship treatment. It is the Rolls Royce of Smile Design.

We use 100% digital workflow to ensure precision, predictability and beauty. With our onsite laboratory and our VIP concierge service, we can deliver this treatment within a week.




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We offer a range of treatments to suit various different needs, from same-day treatments to enhance your smile or longer-term solutions such as invisible braces to correct your teeth. You can achieve your perfect smile and correct any imperfections with a procedure that has the ability to restore your confidence. Our state of the art facility also sets us apart from other dentists and it has been designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Furnished with luxurious Italian furniture and featuring a built-in air filtration system, our facility is both stylish and sterile.

Getting started with us is easy, simply book a consultation appointment and we'll begin discussing which treatments you want and will benefit from the most. If you have issues with your teeth and would like them fixed but aren't sure where to start, we'll run through the options and identify the best treatment for you. Once you've decided on which treatment you would like, we'll begin discussing how we'll carry it out and the steps involved. As leaders in the luxury dentistry industry, you'll receive the best service and care throughout the entire process.

The Dental Excellence Team

When receiving dental treatments, it's important to make sure you choose a dental practice with a team that is qualified and able to achieve your desired results. Poor and sloppy dentistry can fail at fixing your issues resulting in a waste of money or can lead to your situation worsening. That's why it's important you don't cut any corners when choosing a dentist and the treatments involved. At Dental Excellence, we have an incredible team of experts, all of whom are highly trained and will take care of you throughout the entire process.

Our team take pride in providing you with perfect results and ensuring you're satisfied with your treatment every time. Every one of our team members is passionate about dentistry and using cutting edge treatments to enhance our customer's teeth. Our principal dentist and owner, Robbie Hughes, graduated from the University of Liverpool with honours and an array of prestigious awards for distinction grades and exceptional clinical performance. With Robbie's experience and expertise, we're able to instil in our clients the confidence that we can deliver the results they want.

Robbie founded Dental Excellence because he wanted to popularise luxury dentistry in the UK. Smile makeovers were hugely popular in America, but there was a gap in the market for such treatment in the UK. Robbie wanted to fill this gap and offer high-end smile makeovers and other dentistry to a range of other customers. With a driving force of passion for his craft and the qualifications to show what he is capable of, Robbie has established Dental Excellence as one of the UK's leading luxury dentists.

We believe that providing excellent dental care is more than just a healthy skillset and extensive capabilities, but showing care whilst carrying out a procedure. This is why we value customer care so highly and do everything we can to ensure that you're comfortable with every step. We do this through clear communication with you and taking the time to understand your feelings towards each step of the process. This allows us to quash any worries and reassure you throughout, until the inevitable stunning result at the end of your treatment. With such an incredible facility to welcome you into, our team are able to make you feel comfortable when you arrive and share their love of cosmetic dentistry with you.

Robbie principal dentist

The Facility

Our incredible luxury facility is located in Liverpool and is where we will carry out all of the treatments which we offer. When receiving treatment as delicate as having your teeth altered or corrected, the last thing you want is to be in a cold and unwelcoming environment, as you simply won't enjoy the experience. When you're investing your time and money into a dental treatment, you want to be able to enjoy it and not have to suffer stress throughout the process. Our five-star facility is famously relaxing, creating a tranquil environment comparable to that of a spa-day.

It represents modern-day dentistry and excellently showcases how we've embraced the cutting-edge approach to dental treatments. Beyond the stunning design and appearance of the beautiful open-plan practice is our state of the art dental technologies. Utilising this equipment and the newest techniques, our staff are able to deliver the highest quality treatments in every circumstance. This approach also allows us to offer more effective treatments and use different materials to achieve results that were previously out of reach.

Being able to put our customers at ease from the very first time they step foot in our facility makes our jobs more enjoyable and means we're able to discuss your treatment with you from a more comfortable position. It allows us to get our relationship off to a good start and efficiently plan the process of your treatment. We wanted to create a facility that is a pleasure to visit, not a chore, which helps to encourage our customers as they're undergoing their treatment. There can be a lot of anxiety and worries for those who are looking for dental treatments and stepping foot in a dental practice can only make those feelings worse. That's why we modelled our facility on the look and feel of a luxury hotel, to help reduce any negative thoughts and emotions towards the treatment.

Our principal director, Robbie Hughes, helped design the facility, choosing decor which he believes helps communicate our approach to dentistry. While still incorporating luxury furniture, the facility remains spacious, with open space to create a more relaxed environment. The soft lighting throughout also helps bring a warm feeling to the practice, whilst accentuating the decorative features which make the facility so incredible. We enjoy being able to amaze our customers with the sheer size and quality of the facility and services we offer here.

The Luxury Experience & Our Treatments

Dental Excellence is unlike any other dental practice, as we believe our customer service level, incredible team and quality of treatments are second to none. It's not just the stunning facility that allows us to call ourselves a luxury dentist, it's the care we show our customers and the outstanding results we can give our clients. For adults who have had dental issues for a large part of their life but have neglected to correct those issues, the thought of undergoing treatment can become quite daunting. This can lead to those with these issues simply living with them and trying to ignore them but suffering from confidence issues as a result. Their feelings towards standard dental practices and procedures can also put them off wanting to undergo treatment. However, at Dental Excellence, we've created an experience that allows customers to get excited about and enjoy their treatment, rather than it being something they have to endure.

The tranquil, relaxed environment appeals to every type of customer and makes the whole experience far less stressful. Adults with busy lives and other commitments don't need added stress in their lives, especially not from something which they're choosing to do. That's why we encourage our customers to view their treatment at our facility as a treat to themselves and focus on the boost in confidence they will receive after they've achieved their perfect smile.

Dental treatments can come in various different forms and depending on the severity of your dental issues, can give you plenty of options. For most, orthodontic treatments are only a choice between different types of braces, which are uncomfortable to wear and can ruin your smile for many months. For adults, the thought of getting braces at this stage in their life can be a huge commitment and perhaps even embarrassing due to the stigma surrounding them. But, thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of options for those who are looking for treatments without the need to endure any old-school equipment such as metal braces.

These other treatments are the ones that we've embraced here and collated the relevant technologies to help us provide them to our customers. The perfect example of this would be Invisalign retainers which we offer in the form of our highly regarded Clear X Aligners treatment. For those who are unaware of the alternatives to metal braces, variations of Invisalign retainers are often the number one choice for adults. Essentially, they achieve the same results as braces do, but thanks to the clear retainer, they appear completely invisible. For customers who want to maintain their normal appearance whilst undergoing treatment, this is the perfect solution. There are circumstances where these won't be possible, depending on the severity of your dental issues, but this will all be discussed in your first consultation with us.

The Clear X Aligners treatment, which we offer has helped establish us as a luxury dental practice, are the perfect representation of how modern technology has been used perfectly to create a groundbreaking solution to achieve straight teeth. Using the concept of a transparent plastic retainer to re-shape the teeth over time, Clear X Aligners uses 4D technology to take this to another level. Rather than having multiple trays and needing several appointments to collect new trays, Clear X Aligners consist of only one tray and a container that uses heat to reshape the tray. A companion app allows you to take control of your own treatment, without the need for excessive dental appointments and it's proven even more effective than other Invisalign treatments. It's treatment options such as this that makes us so popular amongst those who are looking for alternative solutions to braces or for other procedures which can enhance their smile.

The guidance and treatment you will receive from us throughout your journey is fully comprehensive and we'll always be on hand to answer any questions you have about your treatment. Using new technology such as the 4D booster case included with the Clear X Aligners may seem like a tricky task, but it has been designed to be incredibly user-friendly. For our other treatments, these will all be completed by us in our fantastic facility. The other treatments we offer are able to fix crooked teeth, chipped teeth, discolouration and other misalignments. These are done by using composite bonding techniques or other materials to create a veneer that covers the tooth.

Our technology allows us to deliver incredibly accurate and visually stunning treatments which include composite bonding as part of our same-day smile makeover and other veneers. Composite bonding consists of a tooth-coloured material that is applied to the tooth in order to restore the shape of it and can even make a set of teeth appear straight if previously misaligned. The application of the composite material is relatively easy and with our skill level, something which we've become experts at. This allows us to complete the treatment in a single day, which is a huge bonus for patients who want a quick and efficient procedure. 

Similar to composite bonding treatments but different in practice are veneers that can be applied using composite or porcelain materials. This is different from the other treatments as it consists of applying a full layer of material over the tooth to completely hide any issues with the natural tooth. These treatments can last up to 15 years and are low-maintenance, which means as long as you follow our guidelines on how to look after them, it's a great long-term investment into your oral health.

With more serious issues such as missing teeth, you may have thought there is little that could be done outside of options such as dentures, but we're able to provide dental implants treatment to help those with this issue. Missing teeth can harm your health just as much as your confidence and it's important to treat these issues properly. As a highly regarded luxury dentist, we're more than capable of providing the perfect solution to this issue by enlisting our years of experience and incredible technology. We know the best way to carry out this procedure and will do so in a way that you're comfortable with. Once the replacement tooth has been fitted, you'll benefit from a boost in confidence and the comfort of knowing that you’re not at risk of suffering more serious dental health issues due to missing teeth.

At Dental Excellence, we deliver 5-star dentistry to every client and help them achieve their perfect smile. Through this incredible range of treatments and both the staff and technology which helps us carry them out, we can make our customer's dental dreams come true. Embarking on your journey to perfect teeth with our help, will allow you to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience with life-changing results.

How Dental Excellence can help you

There are many ways in which Dental Excellence can help you and with our diverse range of treatments, there are few dental issues we cannot solve. Not only do dental issues which are left untreated cause confidence issues and potentially damage your self-image, but they also pose real risks to your health. Our treatments can improve your dental health and give you long-lasting solutions in just a single day. Choosing to get a cosmetic dental treatment will first and foremost give you the confidence boost you need to look and feel your best.

If you work as a model, in customer service or another job that requires you to meet new people regularly, having confidence in yourself is important. With a smile makeover or other smile-enhancing treatment, you'll have a stunning set of teeth that you'll want to show off and your confidence will rocket as a result. Having amazing teeth will reflect in your attitude and personality, giving you a glow that will make you wonder why you didn't seek us out sooner. Your teeth are such a huge part of your life and are on show a lot of the time, when you're talking, smiling in photos and even laughing. Being ashamed or nervous about what others may think of your teeth is not a pleasant feeling and something that nobody wants to deal with.

Receiving dental treatment doesn't just improve your look, it improves the health and hygiene in your mouth too. Our treatments can repair and strengthen your teeth, leaving them less susceptible to any cracks in the future or potential rot. If you have large gaps in between your teeth this could make it more difficult to brush and these gaps would be a hotspot for bacteria to build up, which will eventually infect your gums. A similar thing can happen if you have missing teeth as the gum where the tooth used to be is left exposed. By having a dental implant you can protect the gums and prevent the chance of getting gum disease through the exposed area. Increasing the overall quality of your teeth with treatments, such as composite bonding, reduces the chance of having a dental emergency and having to rush to the dentist and pay to fix the issue. With Dental Excellence, you're reducing this possibility and ensuring your smile looks better as a result.

Once you've had dental treatment from us, you'll need to look after your teeth to ensure your smile will always look its best. This helps promote good dental care and encourage you to give your teeth extra attention. Preventing plaque and bacteria build-up is crucial to stop your teeth from becoming damaged or the treatment you've had becoming ineffective. With veneers and other composite treatments, it's important to clean your teeth to prevent the material from becoming discoloured and the treatment becoming essentially ineffective.

Investing in a long-lasting treatment from a reputable and high-quality luxury dentist such as ourselves is important to make sure your decision is cost-effective. Poor-quality treatments or dentists who cut corners will only lead to you needing to have other treatments in the not too distant future, costing you unnecessarily. With our top-quality materials and technology, we're able to provide you with a fantastic, long-lasting treatment that will make the most of your investment. The effectiveness of our treatments means you won't be left looking for further corrective procedures afterwards. Our Dental Experience is second to none, with incredible results and happy customers at the end of every treatment.

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At Dental Excellence UK, we have created smile makeover packages for our most popular treatments to make it easier for our patients to see the options available.


Align, Bleach, Bond

We will improve the alignment of your natural teeth, whiten with a bespoke kit, and repair any tooth wear with composite edge bonding to your front teeth.


Align, Bleach, Bond

Align, Bleach and Bonding involves use of either almost-invisible removable aligners, or very subtle tooth coloured fixed braces to move your teeth into a more attractive, natural position, usually over a period of only 6-9 months.


Mini Smile Makeover

Dental Excellence can offer you a smile makeover within 2 – 3 visits using composite bonding.


Same Day Smile Makeover

Utilising the latest technology, Dental Excellence can provide a walk in, walk out smile makeover in one day.


The Digital Smile Makeover

Dental Excellence can offer you a smile makeover within 2 – 3 visits using composite bonding.


The VIP Digital Smile Makeover

We understand that for busy professionals, speed is of the essence.


The place is absolutely stunning, and their dental work is first class, but it's really the people who make it what it is. From the girl who greets you to the dentists that treat you, everyone is just lovely. Would recommend them to anyone, especially if you're nervous! Thanks Robbie & team for making the dentist a pleasure not a pain :) x.

Laura McDonald

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