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Smile Makeover Centre

Dental Excellence is the only Smile Makeover Centre of its kind in the United Kingdom. By combining cutting edge digital dentistry with our brand new bespoke luxury facility in Liverpool, we have created a unique environment that is the future for modern Dentistry.

Focused solely on the quality of our patient journey, we have brought together the best technology, the best specialists, and the best client services to ensure your Dental Excellence experience is first class. We want our patients’ journey to be as flawless as their new smile!


Dr Robbie Hughes

Dr Robbie Hughes is a trailblazer within the dental industry. Not content to follow the pack, he has his own vision of what Dental Excellence means, and has delivered it with panache.

Robbie believes you can have substance and style, so he combines his first-class education and experience with his bold and intrepid approach. Early in his career Robbie had big dreams to modernise dentistry and the Smile Makeover Centre is only the beginning of his dental revolution.

Smile Makeover

Charlotte Dawson

“I wish I had these when I was filming!”

Loraine Tchoumi

“Fantastic! I’m really happy. This is the best clinic to go to, literally THE best clinic to go to.”