What dental issues would mean I need dental treatment?

There are a range of issues that may lead you to get dental treatment, the most common are crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, discoloured teeth and missing teeth. Each of these issues can affect your smile and the comfort of eating and drinking, which can be corrected with treatment from us at Dental Excellence. Crooked teeth can ruin the confidence of having a good smile and even make eating and caring for your teeth more difficult. If your teeth aren't properly aligned, it can create gaps and hard to reach areas that harbour bacteria. This can lead to more serious issues such as gum disease if not cleaned.

Misaligned teeth can also present the same problem, by creating space between teeth that allows bacteria to grow easily. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, this could cause issues such as malocclusion and problems with the jaw. Misalignment can also prevent the teeth from properly fitting together, affecting your smile. There are a few options you have when it comes to correcting these issues, such as composite bonding, fixed braces, or Clear X Aligners which is the invisible braces option we offer.

Opting for braces or Clear X Aligners will mean slightly longer treatment times than the other options but it will ensure that your teeth can be straightened without altering any of your natural teeth. Fixed braces work by attaching metal brackets to each tooth and connecting them via a wire to move your teeth over time. Once the treatment is complete, each bracket is removed and the teeth will have moved to the intended position, with no trace of the braces. However, it is important to brush thoroughly, otherwise, it's possible that once the brackets are removed, they may leave a yellow ring on the tooth. 

Clear X Aligners can also correct teeth by leaving no trace and even when they are being worn, it is extremely difficult for them to be noticed, hence why they're known as 'invisible'. For both looks and comfort reasons, Clear X Aligners are often more popular than fixed braces as they can also be removed by the wearer to eat and brush their teeth. The booster case which uses 4D technology can also help speed up progress and in some cases, produce results faster than other forms of braces.

If you're looking for a dental treatment to fix discoloured teeth, composite bonding and veneers are a great option as the material can be used to hide any imperfections and whiten your teeth. The composite veneers can also cover your whole tooth, meaning we are able to reshape your teeth and make them appear straighter if you wish. Composite veneers are also less commitment than porcelain veneers as we will need to permanently change your teeth to fit the latter. However, if you're confident that porcelain veneers are for you, you can enjoy a long-lasting smile that won't get stained, for up to 15 years.

Missing teeth can completely ruin a smile and pose issues to your oral health too, which is why you should seek to fix this issue as quickly as possible. By having dental implant treatment with us, we're able to replace your missing tooth with an artificial one, by fusing a screw to your jaw bone to secure the tooth in place. This will both repair your smile and make sure you can keep your gums healthy, as there will no longer be an exposed, vulnerable part of your gum.

How much does dental treatment cost?

Costs of our treatments vary but we can offer everything from general to restorative dentistry and cosmetics. For general dentistry options such as white fillings, we can provide these for £115 – £345 depending on the complexity. Cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers, we can offer for £800 per tooth. Cosmetic braces, such as simple Clear X Aligners, we can offer for £2,415 for a single arch. 

Our restorative dentistry options include tooth extraction, root canal treatment, dental implants and bridges. The cost of each treatment will vary depending on the unique situation of the client.

Where can I get dental treatment?

You can receive dental treatment from Dental Excellence, which will be carried out in our luxury facility based in Liverpool. Our facility was designed to create a welcoming feel to our customers and replicate the interior of a hotel, rather than a clinic. Dentist's offices and hospitals can have a cold and unwelcoming feel about them, which we wanted to eradicate. The warm lighting and comforting colour scheme are brought to life by the Italian furnishings, helping relax you once you're inside our facility. The facility also features an air filtration system which ensures that the building remains sterile and safe for all treatments.

In our facility, we have a range of state of the art technology which allows us to carry out dental procedures to an extremely high standard and provide our clients with exceptional results. The equipment aids our highly skilled team which have years of experience and expertise in delivering high-end dental treatments. To begin your journey with us today, book a consultation appointment to start discussing which treatments are right for you.

How long does dental treatment take?

Different treatments will take different amounts of time to carry out. It also will depend on the patient’s individual situation as some treatments can take longer than others, simply due to the severity of the dental issues. We will discuss this with you in your consultation appointment, however, to ensure that you're aware of how long the treatment will take and what kind of results you can expect.

Typically, braces take the longest as they can sometimes need to be worn for up to 2 years. For some patients, it will take less than 12 months to achieve the results they want but this can't be used as a benchmark for everyone. Our Clear X Aligners treatment, which is an invisible alternative to braces, can produce results quicker than fixed braces in some cases, reducing treatment time.

We do have options for those who are looking for quick treatments that don't require lots of appointments and disruptions to their day to day life. Our same-day smile makeover allows patients to turn up and leave, the same day, with a brand new smile. The composite material which we will apply to your teeth is quick and easy to apply, thanks to our highly skilled team, making the whole treatment process extremely quick. You can also enjoy watching a film or listening to music whilst we apply the treatment. 

Does dental treatment hurt?

Some treatments will hurt more than others. Our same-day smile makeover, for example, only consists of applying a composite material, which is pain-free. As the material is only being applied over the top of your teeth, there is no need for any invasive tools. Dental implants, however, are a more intensive procedure that consists of a titanium screw being fused to the bone to attach the artificial tooth. This can require a few days of recovery time too, unlike the same-day smile makeover, which is a single-day procedure. 

Braces can cause some discomfort due to forcefully moving your teeth over time but the pain should subside a few days after tightening. The metal brackets and wires may also cause some soreness on the inside of your mouth when first fitted but your mouth should become accustomed over time. Once you've had braces for a few weeks, you'll likely become quite comfortable with them and they shouldn't cause ongoing pain.

With treatments such as our Clear X Aligners, it is likely you will feel a similar discomfort to braces when they begin to put pressure on your teeth but the retainers are much smoother than the metal of fixed braces. This makes adjusting to wearing the retainers far easier than adjusting to fixed braces and other variations such as lingual braces.

What is the process for receiving dental treatment?

The process begins when you get in touch with us to begin discussing treatment options. Book a consultation with us and let us know what results you'd like to achieve. We can then outline what each treatment entails and begin discussing which are the best options for you. Once you've selected a treatment, we'll put together a treatment plan which is tailored to you and outlines the entire process from start to finish. We can give you an indication as to how long the procedure will take and how many appointments will be required.

For a treatment such as our same-day smile treatment, there will be appointments prior to the procedure which would outline what work we'll actually be carrying out for you. After that, there is only one treatment day and no other appointments to worry about. Dental implants for example can consist of more appointments as we will need to complete the process gradually and ensure that you heal properly throughout. We will need to check up on you after to ensure that the treatment has been successful and that you're not suffering from any health issues as a result.

Can I get dental treatment that changes the shape of my teeth?

There are procedures we can offer that are able to fix a range of issues, including the shape of your teeth. If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, you can have braces or invisible braces to fix this. However, we understand that this isn't always a patient’s first choice as treatment times can be long and the regular appointments can cause disruption to your daily life. To cater to people who feel this way and want incredible results in a single day, we offer a same-day smile treatment.

During this treatment, we will use a composite material, which is applied to your tooth, and used to both whiten your teeth and reshape them. Reshaping isn't always necessary and you may just be looking for a teeth whitening procedure. However, if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, we can use the composite material to straighten them too, fixing your smile in a matter of hours. Another benefit to choosing this process to correct your smile, instead of braces, is that you're able to have your teeth whitened in the procedure too.

By carrying out a composite bonding procedure, we're able to fix your smile without affecting the natural tooth. Even when we apply composite veneers, the natural tooth remains intact as we're simply applying material over the top of the tooth. This is a little different with porcelain veneers however as we need to remove a thin layer of enamel from your tooth to apply the veneer. This permanently changes your teeth but provides much longer-lasting results, making it a more cost-effective investment. Porcelain veneers are also unable to be stained like composite veneers and your natural tooth, so you'll also benefit from white teeth which won't fade.

Can I get dental treatment that doesn't affect my natural teeth?

One of the most common dental treatments which doesn't affect your natural teeth are braces and invisible brace options. This is due to the brace equipment simply being applied to your teeth on a temporary basis. Even the glue which fixes the brackets to the teeth can be removed with no trace, leaving your natural tooth unhindered. The same can be said for invisible brace options, which simply consist of a transparent brace that is worn to reshape your teeth. When it comes to invisible braces such as Invisalign and Clear X Aligners, you're able to remove them at any point in the treatment, which makes eating and brushing your teeth far easier.

Composite treatments also preserve your original tooth and can be used to enhance the shape of the tooth and the colour, without permanent change. The composite bonding treatment can last up to 7 years and should you wish to maintain the results, you can simply have a touch-up appointment to reapply the material. If not, you can have the material removed and refer to your natural teeth.

Can dental treatment help with pain relief?

Seeking dental treatment when you're suffering from pain in your tooth is the number one way to solve the issue. If you are experiencing pain with your tooth and choose not to fix it, you could suffer more serious dental health issues as a result. For example, if you have an infection at the root of your tooth, you will require root canal treatment to fix this issue. The treatment itself will be relatively pain-free as anaesthetic will be used to numb the area which is being treated but the pain from the infection could get increasingly worse.

Missing teeth can also lead to pain as the gum is exposed to any potential infection. By having a dental implant and permanently replacing that tooth, you're improving your dental health and lowering the chance of infection occurring in the exposed area. Other treatments such as braces and invisible braces can also help with long-term pain relief. Overcrowded teeth can cause teeth to grow into each other and put pressure on one another, which can result in swelling of the gums and consistent pain. By having braces to fix your overcrowded issues, the teeth will no longer encroach on each other and the pressure will be relieved.

We can also extract teeth that are causing you a lot of pain, removing the problem completely. Whilst it would be preferable for anyone to retain all of their natural teeth, this simply isn't possible in every case. Where you have an infection in your tooth or decay has damaged your tooth beyond repair, you may need your tooth removed. If you choose to keep the tooth in, it could lead to more decay and infections, putting your oral health at risk. However, just because you're having a tooth removed, doesn't mean that you have to go without and face gaps in your smile - we'll be able to replace the tooth with an artificial tooth.

Will I have support throughout my dental treatment?

One of the aspects of our dental practice which we pride ourselves on the most is offering support to our patients whenever they need it and ensure they are comfortable at every stage of the treatment. One of the benefits of receiving private treatment is that you will receive primary care from a team of experts, in a facility that is far more welcoming and relaxing than practises where you would receive public dental services.

Whether it is a cosmetic treatment or a simple, smile fixing procedure, our level of care never changes. We believe this makes customers more open to a wider range of treatments and, as a result, a wider range of benefits. As patients know that no matter how intensive the treatment is that they need to have, we'll always be on hand to make sure you're safe at no extra health costs.

Even throughout complex treatments, we'll ensure that we always put your health first. We wouldn't want any safety concerns to prevent you from keeping your teeth healthy. If you're suffering a lot of pain and have a dental emergency that needs correcting, lengthy waiting times, and a cold and clinical practice, can make the situation worse. However, we consider ourselves experts in emergency care and procedures that not only fixed dental issues but procedures that prevent more serious dental issues from occurring.

If I have gaps between my teeth can I receive dental treatment?

At Dental Excellence, we want to help anyone who has an issue with their smile and restore their confidence. With the range of treatments we offer, you should never have to suffer damaged confidence as a result of a dental issue. There are a few options you have when it comes to treatments that correct gaps between the teeth, which we will discuss with you in your consultation appointment with us and outline in your treatment plan.

One option you have is braces, or our invisible braces alternative, Clear X Aligners. Both of the treatments will alter your teeth over time, gradually moving them into more natural positions which makes them appear straighter, closing gaps between the teeth as a result. The results are permanent which is a huge bonus of opting for this treatment, however, treatment is longer than composite bonding options.

Composite bonding, which we can carry out in one day, is where we'll apply composite material to your teeth in order to fill in the gaps. This will make your teeth appear better aligned and straighter, repairing your smile extremely quickly. The composite material won't last forever, though, meaning you'll need to have the treatment reapplied at a later date. 

Need More Help?

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