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Same Day Smile Digital Composite Veneers Makeover

Digital Smile Makeover

The Digital Smile Makeover is our flagship treatment. It is the Rolls Royce of Smile Design.

We use 100% digital workflow to ensure precision, predictability and beauty. With our onsite laboratory and our VIP concierge service, we can deliver this treatment within a week.




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Dental Excellence is located less than an hour from the very centre of Manchester, with excellent transport links across the North-West via the M62. From Manchester Airport, south of the city, it’s only a 40-minute journey to Dental Excellence’s five-star dental practice, making it incredibly easy for clients both in Manchester and hailing from further afield to experience our high standards of dental care and incredible cosmetic dentistry packages.

Manchester continues to grow exponentially, whether it’s for higher education, the growing finance and tech industries or Premier League football! Home to Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs, as well as some of the most stunning and well-preserved architecture from the industrial revolution as well as Roman and Gothic periods, Manchester is also fast becoming a global centre for education and the arts. At Dental Excellence, we welcome patients from across Manchester for a variety of gold-standard cosmetic dentistry treatments, including Invisible braces (sometimes known as Invisalign), teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers and dental implants among others. To find out more about the different services we can offer patients in Manchester, please take a look at our Smile Solutions, or get in touch with our team to book a virtual or in-person consultation.

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Restorative Dentistry & Dental Implants For Patients in Manchester

Over time, our teeth are more likely to run into problems such as misalignment, discolouration, cavities, infection and more. In some more serious cases, this can cause the loss of a tooth, or multiple teeth, which can have far-reaching effects on an individual. Loss of teeth can make it hard to eat or speak, and can open you up to additional complications, such as infection or the moving of your teeth, not to mention the effect it can have on your self-confidence. Large gaps in your smile can make many people self-conscious about their smile, which is where the Dental Excellence team comes in. 

The majority of our restorative dentistry patients want a solution that will last them for many years to come, without the need for repeat treatments 5-10 years down the line. In these cases, dental implants are an ideal treatment plan, as they are permanent, long-lasting, require much of the same care as your natural teeth and give you a natural-looking smile that suits you perfectly.

Dental implants, at the most basic level, are medical-grade titanium screws that replace the root of your missing tooth. Then, dental crowns or dentures can be made to go on top of the “new root”. Dental implants are permanent once they are installed, so you won’t have to replace them in a few years time, but you will need a few appointments in order to make sure your implants are placed and set correctly. After your initial consultation, you’ll come in for an appointment where any teeth that need to be removed are taken out and the dental implant or implants are fitted. We’ll also fit you with a temporary measure to fill the gaps in your teeth - this is usually done with dentures, temporary crowns or temporary dental bridges. Then after three to six months, depending on the complexity of your personal case, you’ll come back to have your permanent crowns put in. This delay, while it can be frustrating for patients, is very important as it allows the implants to fuse with your jawbone, ensuring they’ll last you for many years to come.

While dental implants are an intensive treatment, for patients who need them, they can be life changing. At Dental Excellence, our team of dentists and specialist implantologists work every day to bring back the smiles of dental implant patients and create truly stunning results with the greatest clinical care and precision.

Porcelain Veneer treatment at Dental Excellence

Porcelain veneers are a little more labour-intensive than their composite counterparts, but the result is a longer-lasting and more permanent solution. Porcelain Veneers, if properly taken care of, will last you from 10-15 years. If you’ve had composite veneers in the past or struggled for a long time with discolouration, gaps in your teeth or misaligned teeth, porcelain veneers might be the perfect solution for you.

Using a very thin layer of porcelain, the team at Dental Excellence can help create a straight, bright white smile that lasts you for years! This layer of porcelain is bonded to the surface of your natural tooth, fitting snugly over it to create an imperceptible new layer. To do this, we remove a thin layer of enamel on the tooth’s surface, which helps the bonding agent work effectively, to give you long-lasting and secure porcelain veneers. Unlike composite veneers, porcelain veneers aren’t susceptible to staining, so you can feel sure your smile will stay as bright and white as when you leave the clinic on the 1st day! Porcelain veneers are also made by our lab team rather than by your dentist, from a model of your teeth. We’ll create this accurate 3D model of the tooth or teeth to be fitted which allows us to custom-make your porcelain veneers, ready to be expertly fitted. We’ll prep the tooth and give you temporary veneers to wear before your custom permanent veneers are fitted.

Porcelain veneers are a very safe, long-lasting and effective dental treatment to help give clients in Manchester a smile that is as beautiful and unique as they are. 

Same-Day Smile Treatment Plans for Patients in Manchester: Composite Veneers and Composite Bonding

Our most popular treatment plan, Same-Day smile services offer incredible results without any pain or multiple clinical appointments, as our team creates your beautiful smile in just one day!

Most Same-Day Smile treatment plans involve two main dental services: composite veneers and composite bonding (sometimes known as tooth bonding). Composite bonding is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to build up tooth structure, smooth the surface or edges of teeth, create the appearance of straighter teeth, whiten teeth and move discolouration and fill in chipped or broken teeth, among other functions. During your composite bonding treatment, your dentist will apply a medical-grade and very strong resin to your tooth or teeth in very thin layers, and then carefully shape the resin to smooth and fill imperfections in your smile. Composite bonding doesn’t require any anaesthetic, drilling or removal of the tooth and is a completely painless procedure. The resin is placed directly onto the tooth and is shaped by our expert clinical team, leaving you with straighter, whiter and brighter teeth in one quick appointment.

Composite Veneers are a very similar procedure, however, rather than applying the resin to part of the tooth, veneers are applied to the full tooth. Both composite veneers and bonding treatments last for around five years before they require maintenance from your dentist.

Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments available today, and for very good reason. They can be used to help treat many different concerns, including:

  • Minor misalignments (squint teeth) or gaps between the teeth.
  • Chips and cracks on the surfaces or edges of the teeth.
  • Uneven or “jagged” tooth edges.
  • Discolouration or staining on the surface of the teeth that traditional whitening methods fail to lift.

Both porcelain and composite veneers can be used to help improve these conditions by covering the tooth surfaces, as well as reinforcing the natural tooth to prevent any further cracking or chipping. However, there are a few major differences between the two that affect the treatment process, how you look after your teeth and how long they last.

One of the biggest differences between porcelain and composite veneers is how they are applied. Composite veneers can be done in less than a day, and are applied, crafted and finished chairside by your dentist. Porcelain veneers take a little bit longer - a few separate appointments - and are created using a mould of your teeth. Our lab team handcraft every single porcelain veneer we apply to make sure they are perfectly suited to you and fit seamlessly over your existing teeth. Once your porcelain veneers are ready, all your dentist has to do is apply them.

In the past, a significant portion of the tooth needed to be removed in order to fit porcelain veneers, permanently and significantly damaging the natural tooth, however with today’s techniques and technologies, we only need to remove a very thin layer of the surface of the tooth. This helps create a more textured surface and allows the bonding material to work as effectively as possible, but leaves the tooth below looking exactly the same as before. However, this does mean that once you have porcelain veneers fitted, you need to get them replaced every 10-15 years as leaving the surface of the tooth exposed can be risky for your general dental health.

On the other hand, composite veneers fit over the tooth without any need to change or prepare the teeth. The downside of composite veneers is that they don’t last as long as porcelain veneers (around seven years is average when taken good care of), but this is also reflected in the cost - porcelain veneers are slightly more expensive than composite treatments.

As composite veneers are made of a filling material, they are slightly porous in the same way your natural teeth are. This means that while they blend in perfectly, they are susceptible to staining in the same way your regular teeth are. Food and drinks like coffee and wine can stain your teeth if consumed regularly and without proper tooth care, as can residue buildup if you miss brushing your teeth often, even if you have composite veneers. However, as porcelain veneers are completely non-porous, they aren’t susceptible to staining in the same way as composite veneers. However, you should still always look after your teeth with regular brushing and take the advice of your dentist at regular checkups to make sure that your teeth don’t just look good but are strong and healthy too.


Invisible Braces 

Our teeth move throughout our lifetimes, and while many of us have been through the “braces and retainer” phase as a teenager, there are many adults who want to correct mild to moderate tooth alignment issues, or a mild to moderate under/overbite. As dental technology has developed, there are now many different options available for patients in Manchester looking for invisible braces and similar solutions.

There are many different solutions under the “invisible braces” umbrella out there. One of the most well-known is Invisalign, which uses “retainer-style” clear braces that fit closely over your natural teeth to guide them gradually back into alignment. Other similar solutions available for mild to moderate cases of misalignment include braces placed on the back of the teeth, or clear braces that are minimally disruptive to the appearance of your mouth. However, Invisalign and solutions like it are some of the most popular, as they are easy to use, minimally invasive and are often almost imperceptible to the untrained eye. However, many Invisalign patients will have to go for multiple regular appointments and go through several different retainers as part of their treatment. 

At Dental Excellence, we offer an Invisalign-style orthodontic treatment that utilises state of the art equipment to reduce the number of retainers you go through and visits to your dentist throughout your treatment process.


The Importance of Orthodontics

While lots of people have had experience with orthodontics at some point in their adolescence, many don’t realise the importance of orthodontics for adults as well as young people. Even in adulthood, there are many people whose teeth will continue to move, whether this is for genetic reasons or due to habits like tooth grinding. Wisdom teeth coming in can also change the alignment of your teeth as an adult, if they don't come through properly, which is fairly common.

When your teeth move out of alignment, there are a few things that are incredibly important to keep in mind, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for your overall dental health:

  • Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to reach certain areas and surfaces when brushing or flossing regularly. This creates pockets where bacteria, plaque and tartar can appear, potentially causing conditions like gingivitis or gum disease in the long run.
  • Gaps between the teeth, particularly larger gaps, can make it hard to eat normally, leading to dietary changes or discomfort when eating. They also leave the gum in the area more open to infection.

A healthy and well-aligned bite improves your oral health while helping you feel more confident in your appearance and your smile in all kinds of situations. We want your smile to be something you don’t have to think about, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer invisible braces to our patients.

The Dental Excellence Approach

Over time, our teeth are more likely to run into problems such as misalignment, discolouration, cavities, infection and more. In some more serious cases, this can cause the loss of a tooth, or multiple teeth, which can have far-reaching effects on an individual. Loss of teeth can make it hard to eat or speak, and can open you up to additional complications, such as infection or the moving of your teeth, not to mention the effect it can have on your self-confidence. Large gaps in your smile can make many people self-conscious about their smile, which is where the Dental Excellence team comes in.

The Best in New Technologies

We don’t just want to offer a luxurious experience, we want to offer you top-of-the-line dental care. That's why we’re always looking into new technologies, techniques and methods to make sure you’re getting the best quality of care every day. 

We are committed to helping our team develop professionally and expand their skills, and are always adding new specialities to our roster. Every member of our clinical dentistry team has undergone additional specialist training to help ensure we’re offering the highest quality care, and we are always pushing ourselves to enhance our skills further. Through continuous training and personal and professional development by our team, we can continue to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our patients are receiving care that is as safe, comfortable and effective as possible.  

As well as investing in the skills and expertise of our team, we are always looking for new technologies we can implement into our clinical practice to make our treatments more comfortable and effective for our patients. We understand that dental care isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, but also a massive part of your general healthcare, which is why we take our role as dentists so seriously. We’ll never push you into a treatment that isn’t right for you or that won’t offer you the benefits you’re looking for, and we take every opportunity to enhance patient safety at our clinic.

A Luxurious Experience, Every Time

We often see patients who have only ever seen dental care as a necessary evil, which is something we want to change. Cosmetic dentistry can make such a huge difference to your confidence and overall well being and we want to make sure that our patients don’t feel uncomfortable at any stage of the treatment process. Traditional ideas of dentistry as cold, clinical, uncomfortable or rushed have no place at Dental Excellence!

Our facility has been designed with this in mind at every step of the way. We combine clinical excellence with effortless luxury to provide our patients with a truly positive experience. From the bespoke Italian furnishings in our waiting areas to regularly available drinks and snacks, we don’t leave anything out when it comes to your comfort. Our clinic is tucked away in South Liverpool away from the chaos of city life, so when you visit us it’s not just to receive dental care, but to take time just for you, to relax and unwind while our team do what they are best at - creating beautiful smiles.

Personalised Care Plans

Our greatest asset at Dental Excellence is our team. We are very lucky to have some of the country’s best dental specialists under our roof. We understand the importance of your dental care being a partnership, which is why we take the time to genuinely get to know you and understand your concerns, your goals, your lifestyle and more. 

This allows us to develop a completely customised care plan for every single one of our clients - at Dental Excellence, one size does not fit all. We know your dental needs are as unique as you are, and create all of our bespoke smile solutions with this in mind. Our focus is on you, your experience and what you want from your time with us.

Our team are also very experienced in treating nervous patients. It’s very common to be apprehensive about getting dental treatment, but our team will do their best to help put you at ease when you choose Dental Excellence. An attentive chairside manner, fantastic dental expertise and relaxing surroundings can go a long way in helping a nervous patient get their smile back, and that’s exactly what we do at Dental Excellence.

Bespoke Smiles, Made for You.

You feel the most confident when you feel the most like yourself, and your smile is no exception! As well as creating treatment plans that are completely bespoke to your needs, our actual treatments are all slightly different to ensure you’re getting your own perfect results. We understand how unique your smile is, and the impact that has on the care and treatments we offer you. We custom-design all of our veneers, crowns and bonding treatments in-house to give you a smile that perfectly suits you and is completely unique..

To find out more about our best-in-class approach to dentistry, any of our Smile Solutions, or to book your consultation online or at our easily accessible clinic please get in touch.


Thank you for your interest in booking a consultation with us; we are excited to welcome you to one of our luxury locations.

For all dental treatment we carry out a full case assessment as part of your consultation; this includes an oral exam, clinical photographs, and in some cases an OPG x-ray or a digital scan. Then you will chat to your dentist about your smile goals, and they will advise you of your treatment options. Together you will agree your bespoke treatment plan and you will be given a full cost summary.

For Facials Aesthetics, the first part of your appointment will be your consultation and we are usually able to carry out your treatment straight away if there are no health concerns and you are happy to proceed.

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Step 2: Our experienced dental team will carry out an initial assessment of your case and notify you by email when complete.

Step 3: Book a phone call with our Treatment Co-ordinator and they will talk you through your treatment options, with a cost estimate for each.*

The mini consultation is a great first step to get more information and an idea of potential smile makeover options, but before we can confirm your plan and start treatment you will need to have a full case assessment at one of our consultation clinics. Ready to get started? Click on the button below.