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Your Guide To Porcelain Veneers

Posted by Dental Excellence UK on Feb 4, 2021 9:35:14 AM
Dental Excellence UK
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Cosmetic dental procedures are growing in popularity year on year, with more and more people seeking to transform the look of their dull, discoloured, and damaged teeth so that they’ve got a smile that they can be proud of. There are lots of different procedures on the market at the moment, each offering a different fix to your cosmetic problems, but few manage to do so in a way that’s as effective, durable, and natural-looking as porcelain veneers. Read on to find out more about our porcelain veneer treatments here at Dental Excellence

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin layers, crafted from porcelain, which are applied onto the tooth on the front and edges. Focusing on rectifying cosmetic damage, your porcelain veneers are there to help your teeth to look great and give you a smile that you can be proud of. Unlike with resin veneers, porcelain veneers offer a natural-looking, durable and high-quality finish that can’t be matched by other implants - the porcelain is tough, durable, and life-like, giving a natural appearance to your teeth that lets you smile with confidence. Our highly-skilled technicians will develop a personalised veneer that’s tailored to your mouth, allowing for a more natural look and comfortable fit. 


If you find that you’re unhappy with the aesthetic of your teeth and you’re looking for a cosmetic fix that’s both effective and durable, it might be time to chat to one of our expert dentists about our porcelain veneer treatments!

What Problems Can Porcelain Veneers Help To Solve?

Simply put, porcelain veneers are a fantastic fix for your cosmetic and aesthetic dental issues - those issues that stop you smiling and put a dent in your confidence. They’re ideal for people who have a set of healthy teeth that just need an image revamp to give them a fresh, more pleasing appearance. Check out a few of the best uses for porcelain dental veneers below to find out whether they might be the right solution for you!



Discoloured teeth can be one of the most disappointing things to notice about yourself - you could have a great set of strong, healthy teeth, just for that to all be undone by a dull, yellowing colour. Porcelain veneers can be used to correct this issue by simply giving a new look to your existing teeth! The veneers will be designed to fit your teeth in the shade that you have picked out, so you’ll be getting a natural-looking set of veneers that fits like a glove. 


Misshapen Teeth

Another common complaint that many have with their teeth is that they just aren’t shaped or aligned in the way that they should be crooked teeth, crowded mouths, or missing teeth can all cause your teeth to look less pleasing than you might have hoped for. By using veneers, you’re able to give your teeth the look that you’re striving for without having to have unnecessary surgery done - you simply undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of your teeth


Damaged Teeth

There’s nothing that changes the appearance of your teeth quite like damage - whether it’s a chipped tooth, a cracked tooth, general wear and tear caused by grinding, or something more serious, it’s likely to be very noticeable and will have a huge impact on how your teeth look and feel. Whilst for smaller chips your dentist may suggest bonding, larger chips and cracks can be repaired through the use of veneers, which will act as a way to reshape the missing part of the tooth and restore the natural, healthy look.


Do Veneers Look Natural?

One of the most common stigmas surrounding veneers is that they look clunky, false, and unnatural - whilst that may have been true in the past, it’s actually a very outdated and unfounded claim, with many modern veneers, particularly porcelain veneers, replicating the image of natural teeth incredibly well. Porcelain veneers have been described as having a smooth, glass-like appearance, which replicates that of your natural tooth enamel. The result is a natural-looking set of teeth that look and feel fantastic.


You can learn more about our porcelain veneers and same day smile makeovers right here on our website, so head over to our dedicated treatments page to check out our processes!

What Is The Procedure Like?

Porcelain veneers are a fairly straightforward treatment to have done, with three sessions usually being enough to complete the full treatment programme. There are a couple of stages that you’ll want to be aware of before your treatment - this allows you to be better prepared for the procedure whilst also being more aware of the steps that you’re going through. Here is our overview of the porcelain veneers treatment, from consultation all the way through to perfect smile!


Initial Assessment

First up is your initial consultation and assessment with one of our expert dental practitioners, this meeting will be a casual chat, discussing the options available when it comes to veneers, the pros and cons of having the treatment, and your overall suitability for the procedure. Our team will try to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed on the treatment at every step, involving you in the conversations and always consulting you regarding any decisions - this patient-first style of care ensures that the patient is left feeling happy, secure, and satisfied. If you decide that porcelain veneers are something that you’d like to progress with, you’ll have an initial photograph taken and mould created so that your bespoke porcelain veneers can be put into production. 


Second Appointment

The second appointment can differ depending on what style of veneers you are having, but in this scenario, we’re going to focus on the process for porcelain veneers. When you’re having porcelain veneers fitted, your second appointment will be one that mainly consists of preparation for the treatment. Your teeth will be prepared, with temporary veneers fixed in place in instances where the mould creation process is longer than usual. 


The preparation needed for porcelain veneers consists of removing roughly the amount of tooth enamel that the veneer is intended to replace - this is usually around 0.5mm but can differ from patient to patient - we never remove more than is required to help your veneer bond.


Final Appointment 

In your final appointment, you’ll have your porcelain veneers fitted. The bespoke veneers will be a perfect fit for your mouth, ensuring that they feel comfortable and natural so as to avoid any discomfort. To make sure that your new veneers are securely held in place, they’ll be held in place using a strong adhesive that’s safe for oral use - this way you can be sure that your veneers will remain in place and aligned for as long as you wear them. 

After Care

Our care doesn’t finish once your veneers are fitted - this is simply the beginning of your life with your new smile - so you can expect to find continued support, care, and advice should you need it at any stage. Following your veneer treatment, you’ll be able to schedule a check-up with one of our team, or enquire about the necessary maintenance requirements should you have missed anything during your consultation of subsequent appointments. We’re only ever a phone call away, so feel free to contact us with any questions or queries that you have.

How Long Will Porcelain Veneers Last?

This will depend on the quality of the materials used, the expertise of the dentist fitting the veneers, and the care that you give to them after your treatment, so it’s vital that you only settle for the best when it comes to your veneer treatment. Here at Dental Excellence, we take pride in our services and believe that we excel in all areas of our treatment from the quality of our materials, our cutting-edge technology, and our highly talented team of dentists and consultants - no matter what it is, we aim to offer only the best to our patients. If treated with care, our porcelain veneers have the potential to last between 10 and 15 years, providing you with a beautiful smile for over a decade in most cases!  


There are many steps that you can take to ensure that your veneers are being kept in top condition, the most important of which can be found below:


    • Flossing: Flossing helps to remove food debris and clear out any harmful remains from your mouth, meaning that there are fewer threats lurking around your new veneers. 
  • Brushing Your Teeth: As with every scenario, you should be ensuring that you brush your teeth twice a day to remove any dirt or plaque build-up and keep your teeth/veneers in the best condition possible.

If you’re looking to find out more about porcelain veneers or thinking about booking a treatment, contact our team here at Dental Excellence! You’ll be able to chat to our consultants at our luxury practice, surrounded by bespoke Italian furnishings in a peaceful location just outside of Liverpool city centre to give you a sense of tranquility, and calm throughout your treatment.