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Professional Teeth Whitening vs DIY Teeth Whitening

Posted by Dental Excellence UK on Dec 1, 2020 1:43:31 PM
Dental Excellence UK
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We’re all striving for that perfect smile; some of us have it naturally, however, most of us have to put a little more work in to get the results that we want. Having a smile that you’re proud of is a huge confidence booster - you’ll naturally feel more confident getting your pearly whites out if you know that they’re in good condition, so it’s really important to do what you can to ensure that your smile is always on top form. If like so many, your teeth have been exposed to years of wear and tear that have left you with stained or discoloured teeth, your teeth might need a bit of TLC to get them back to their best - at Dental Excellence, a luxury dental centre based in Liverpool, we offer some of the best tooth whitening solutions on the market. These procedures are bespoke and tailored to your teeth, giving you excellent results whilst also saving you the hassle and potential complications that you might be left to deal with when opting for one of those all-too-convenient DIY tooth whitening kits. Below, you’ll be able to find all the information you might need regarding the difference between the two main teeth whitening options: professional tooth whitening and DIY kits. 

Factors to Consider

Price (short term and long term)

This first thing that any people compare is the price difference between the two options and at first glance, there is a stark difference - DIY kits are surprisingly cheap, whereas professional treatment can be quite a heavy financial outlay in the first instance. However, this isn’t the full story when it comes to pricing - there are many extra factors to consider which considerably change the outlook in terms of value. Whilst the DIY kits may be cheaper to purchase upfront, you also need to use them far more often, meaning there’s an ever-growing cost associated with DIY kits, whereas the effects of professional procedures last far longer, meaning there are less recurring costs.


DIY kits also run a much higher risk of correctional work being needed after use, which again can incur large unnecessary costs in the long run, so think twice before choosing the “cheaper” option when it comes to tooth whitening. 

Ingredients Used

One of the major differences between over the counter tooth whitening kits and our professional treatments here at Dental Excellence is the ingredients used - the quality and safety of the ingredients used in DIY kits are often vague and feature incomplete ingredient lists, so it’s hard to know what you’re using on your teeth. This degree of uncertainty is not worth the risk when it comes to something as important as your oral health, so you should always opt for the safer professional option. There are many documented cases of DIY kits causing permanent damage to the user's teeth and mouth, which can lead to lasting dental issues and high repair costs further down the line. This is because the active ingredient was not safe for oral use.


Professional tooth whitening takes this uncertainty out of the equation, instead offering a safe, trusted method using licensed ingredients that’ll have your teeth looking great without causing lasting damage. Our ingredients are designed for oral use, ensuring that they are safe for your teeth, unlike many of the DIY kits available.


One of the most baffling features of DIY tooth whitening kits are the absurd one-size-fits-all trays design, which simply cannot accurately fit anyone in the world other than the person who was used for the original mould of the trays! This means that for everyone else, the fit will either be too tight, too loose or just not right. In their attempt to fit everybody, DIY kits end up fitting nobody. When using a mould that doesn’t fit for teeth whitening, you may find an uneven spread of whitening gel across your teeth, resulting in patchy whitening that does not improve the overall appearance of your teeth. You may also experience pain and sensitivity as the whitening solution will inevitably get on your gums due to the ill fitting tooth trays.


When choosing a more sophisticated whitening treatment with a professional dentist, your mould will be designed perfectly for your teeth, meaning the fit will be snug and comfortable, whilst the distribution of gel is evenly distributed. The result of this is a smooth, consistent level of whitening across your mouth, eliminating awkward and unsightly patchiness. As part of your dental treatment, you’ll also be given a review after your whitening to ensure that you’ve reached the level of whitening that you desire and to assess the overall health of your teeth and mouth - these checks allow us to ensure that you’re receiving the best quality treatment each time you visit the practice. 


The end goal of tooth whitening is always to achieve a more satisfying appearance for your teeth, whether it’s years of wear and tear taking its toll, or a recent development caused by a new food or drink, there are many reasons that you may be interested in investing in teeth whitening treatment. When it comes to your smile, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for anything but perfection, which is something you’re never going to get when using a DIY whitening kit; as with anything else, you get what you pay for. This adage is also true for professional treatments - with our high standards of service, luxury surroundings, and our best-in class patient care, Dental Excellence ensures that you’re always seeing amazing value from your treatments. Our elite dental surgeons have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and education at their disposal to ensure that you’re always being given the best treatment available, with our high-tech equipment allowing us to perform some of the most advanced procedures in dental practice with ease. 

Why Choose Dental Excellence?

At Dental Excellence, we look to go beyond the realms of standard dentistry, and instead to provide a more comprehensive and satisfying approach to correcting your dental issues. Using our combination of experience, knowledge, and technology, we’re able to provide luxury treatments that few practices can match, including our phenomenal same-day smile makeovers, a particular favourite with our patients. With a same-day smile, you’ll be able to walk out with a bright smile in next to no time - we use our new tooth whitening techniques alongside composite bonding to ensure you’ve got the bright white look and shape that you desire. We don’t use needles or drilling to enhance your smile - it’s a pain-free procedure from start to finish - instead, we use a composite material that’s applied directly onto your tooth, allowing us to form the perfect shape, width, and length within your mouth to give you a sparkling smile in the blink of an eye.


Our same-day smile process starts with a simple online consultation - during this, you’ll send us images of your current smile so that we can assess what work needs to be done and how best to proceed. By sharing images and video of your mouth, our consultants will then be able to design a bespoke same-day simple treatment plan that’s perfect for you. After this, it’s time to visit us in our practice for a full oral exam, which is carried out through an in-depth examination with one of our expert dentists. This will involve x-rays, photographs and videos being taken by our team so that we have a clear understanding of any issues and how to combat them. Once our assessment has been completed and you’ve been thoroughly examined, you’ll then have a meeting with our expert dentists who’ll be able to explain the full same-day smile treatment to you in detail - they’ll let you know what to expect and any information that you need. This is a great time to get to know your dentist and ask any questions that you have regarding the procedure.


When that’s all taken care of, it’s simply a case of booking in your appointment and letting our experts take care of the rest! Our team will keep in contact with you during the preparation period to your appointment, so you’ll have ample opportunity to ask any questions, find information, or chat to us about any queries should you have any. To ensure that you’re always at ease during your appointment, we offer the choice to watch a film of your choosing during the procedure to keep your mind occupied whilst the dentists work, or alternatively you’ll be able to choose the music that’s playing in the room as your treatment is underway, allowing you to find calm and comfort in your favourite songs. By the time your film has ended, you’ll be leaving our practice with a gorgeous new smile achieved in just one day - what more could you ask for!


Of course, the priority of your treatment is the results, and we’ll always ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your pearly whites after your treatment, but the experience with us doesn’t end there - we strive to give our patients the feeling of luxury from the moment we meet to the moment you leave. That’s why our smile makeover centre is tucked away in a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city, yet still within a stone’s throw of both Manchester and Liverpool, with excellent transport routes to London, Birmingham, and even Dublin! Our luxury dental practice is furnished with bespoke Italian furniture for the ultimate relaxation before your treatment, helping to put you at ease and calm your nerves before any of your consultations or treatments. Whether you’re looking for private dental care in Liverpool, Manchester, or beyond,  or more extensive work from our dentistry experts, we’re here to ensure that you’re given the best care your mouth can get no matter how big or small the issue is. 


You can contact us today on 0151 729 0000 to chat to our team and learn more about our services, or browse through our website where we have lots of information regarding our cosmetic dentistry treatments, our practice, and the dental experts that set us apart from the rest. Whilst you’re here, you’ll also be able to book your consultation too, helping to get the ball rolling as soon as possible so that you can get a whiter smile in no time at all.

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