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Photography Guide

The clearer your photo's are the easier it is for us to assess your smile.

Try to get your photo's framed as closely to these photo's as possible.

You can use a simple photo editor to crop your photo's if needed.

Before making your video, watch our demonstration a couple of times and try to replicate all the smile and grinding movements shown.


  • Use your camera flash
  • Keep the tip of your nose in the photos
  • We need a really wide smile
  • Use a well lit room
  • Get someone to take the photos for you
  • With your phone in camera mode, tap on the teeth before you take the shot to focus


Front Closed

Biting on your back teeth, please upload a picture front on.

Asset 2-100

Front Open

Please upload a picture front on with your teeth slightly apart.

Asset 7-100

Front Below

Biting on your back teeth please take a picture from below.

Asset 8-100




Asset 2-100