What happens at the consultation?

For all new patients we carry out a full case assessment as part of your consultation; this includes an oral exam, clinical photographs, and in some cases an OPG x-ray or a digital scan. Then you will chat to your dentist about your smile goals, and they will advise you of your treatment options. Together you will agree your bespoke treatment plan and you will be given a full cost summary.

How long after my consultation can I start treatment?

This depends on the type of treatment you require, and the capacity of the dentist who will treat you, but usually we begin treatment around 4 - 6 weeks after a consultation.

For some patients, we can begin whitening treatment immediately following the consultation if there is no foundation work required i.e. fillings, or hygiene.

Where are your consultation locations?

We hold our consultation appointments in Liverpool, London, and Dublin.

You can view address details of each consultation clinic here.

Can I choose who I have my consultation with?

Yes! If you want to see a particular dentist then you can choose them in the dropdown menu on our online booking page.

If the dentist doesn't have any availability then we can add you to a cancellation list - you just need to call us on 0151 729 0000

What if I don't want to go ahead with treatment?

Not everyone wants to begin treatment immediately, and some people decide it isn't the right thing for them after a consultation. That is absolutely fine, we want everyone to leave us feeling like they've made the right choice for them.

If you want to start treatment but want to wait a while then we can put your plan on hold until you're ready to start. The only consideration you need to make is that if you want to wait over 12 months, we'd need to do a patient exam to check your oral health hasn't changed since we last saw you. The cost of this appointment can be added to your treatment plan.

I have a goal completion date, when should I have my consultation?

If you have a goal date for completing your smile makeover, such as a wedding or big event then we recommend you coming in as soon as possible for your consultation.

If you have well aligned teeth and good oral health, then chances are you can have your smile makeover a couple of months before your goal date. However, if your treatment plan includes tooth straightening (orthodontics), gum health, or dental implants, then your treatment time can be anything from 6 - 18 months dependent on the complexity of your case.

If you want to get an idea of your treatment options before booking your face to face consultation then you can complete our free virtual consultation. You provide details of your dental history and upload a few pictures, then book a call with one of our treatment co-ordinators. They will carry out an initial assessment based on the information you provide and give you your treatment options, plus a cost estimate and potential treatment duration.

This is a great first step and helps you to decide when to come in and see us because all new patients require a face to face consultation with one of our elite dentists so that we can carry out a full case assessment and provide you with a fully costed treatment plan.

Need More Help?

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