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A perfect, beaming and natural smile reflects a person’s good health and inner confidence. While some may be blessed with the perfect teeth setting that make a gorgeous smile, others might not be so lucky. Truth is that irregular teeth, jagged teeth, gaps between teeth and discoloured teeth are common problems faced by millions of people

Beautiful White Smiles - Dental Excellence Portadown, Northern Ireland

Sometimes, the root cause might even be genetic! Good news is that all these imperfections can be fixed with the help of professional Cosmetic dentistry at Dental Excellence so that you never ever have to shy away from flaunting a radiant smile!

Perfect smiles are not a dream anymore! If your favourite movie stars, super models and celebrities you idolise can have it, so can you!

Beautiful Smiles - Dental Excellence Portadown, Northern Ireland

Need a picture perfect smile? Dental Excellence has the most advanced and effective cosmetic dentistry solutions that span dental implants, smile makeovers, teeth whitening, cosmetic porcelain veneers, composite restorations and holistic dentistry aimed at providing you with the best dental care that you deserve.

At Dental Excellence Portadown, Northern Ireland we don’t just look at your teeth as part of your entire body. This Holistic approach ensures, we can create a tailored dental care plan, specifically designed for you to fulfill all your cosmetic dentistry requirements such as dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers or simply a hygienist appointment. We offer expertise and experienced dental care in all aspects of dentistry, from cosmetic procedures designed to help you achieve the prefect smile, general and restorative dentistry to ensure you have healthy, strong teeth, through to preventative care for the whole family.

Beautiful White Smiles - Dental Excellence Portadown, Northern Ireland

Just call us on 028 3833 2656 and let our cosmetic dentists restore the most ideal teeth aesthetics through the most pain free and 100% safe procedures to give you back a smile that can brighten anyone’s day!

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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